Little Girl Shows Middle Finger After Dad Got into Dispute at Tuas Second Link


Traffic jams at the Causeway are a common occurrence, along with the occasional road rage.

But a little girl flipping another driver off? Now that’s uncommon.

Here’s what happened.

Allegedly Hit Car, Forced Way Into Lane

A Facebook post in the JBS Traffic Complaint group on 6 November claimed that a Singapore-registered car hit the original poster’s (OP) car.

This happened along the Tuas Second Link, and the post’s caption scolded the driver for pretending nothing was wrong after hitting OP’s car. The caption also said that the little girl learned from the dad’s attitude and gave “an international hand signal”.

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Image: Facebook

In the video attached, we can hear the OP arguing with the driver of the offending car, which was trying to cut into their lane.

Talking to OP’s driver, OP said, “If you’re daring enough, just hit them back, then we can lodge a police report and claim their insurance.”

OP even said that the offending driver will definitely be found guilty as the incident happened in Malaysia, while the driver had a Singapore-registered vehicle.

Yeah, I’m going to let you interpret that for yourselves.

OP’s driver and another passenger in the front seat seemed uncomfortable with OP’s remarks, and rejected their suggestion.

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Netizens Criticise Both Drivers 

Commenters felt that both drivers should have had more respect for each other.


However, one commenter pointed out that there was extra space beside OP’s car and that the other car was clearly already in front of them. There wouldn’t have been a confrontation if OP didn’t start the fight.

“[You] keep saying it’s your lane, but it seems like you’re just finding trouble. If you just let it go, everyone will be able to pass. Aren’t traffic jams normal? What’s there to be angry about?”

Image: Facebook

Of course, there are people who criticised the little girl as well, saying that she has poor upbringing or that her parents didn’t teach her properly.

Image: Facebook

You can view the post here and decide which side you are on.

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