The ‘M’sia Steven Lim’ Gets More Entertaining as He Continues to Look for Wife with His BMW


A while back, the Malaysian equivalent of Steven Lim was born.

Image: 江昭上 Facebook Page

江昭上, a Melaka-situated Malaysian, had previously posted a video on Facebook, requesting for his friends to recommend a “good girl” for him. In return, he offered a monthly allowance of RM500 and a brand new Vios to the aforementioned “good girl”.

She doesn’t even have to love him either; she just has to cook rice for him, do the laundry and stay at home.

Sounds like a great deal, huh?

Anyways, you can read all about that here.

To add on, the video became so viral that it garnered a parody of its own, that starred an actual babe.

Disclaimer: we are not responsible for any cases of extreme nose-bleeding.


Posted by Gatita Yan – Tong Lee Yann on Tuesday, 12 December 2017

So what’s the latest deal?

It seems that the charismatic lady-killer is at it again, as he has channeled his hidden Steven Lim talent by talking about his brand new BMW.

And no, I’m not talking about bitchy middle-aged whores.

Though he might have just gotten some with his sleek new saddle.

Feels like driving a bungalow!

Posted by 江昭上 on Wednesday, 13 December 2017

For the sake of the non-Chinese speaking readers, I’ll do a brief transcript of the rough going-on in the video. Although halfway through the video, I did get a feeling that it’s a subtle advertisement for the car brand.

Feel free to skip all the way to the back if you wish to.

*Start of advert*

“Hi guys, this is the new 7 Series BMW. Wa, brand new eh this one.”


江昭上 then shifts the camera to show another dude sitting beside him.

(Note: it will be in script form from hereon because it’s easier for me)

江昭上: Brother Kenny ah, this 7 series how much ah?

Brother Kenny: 598,800.

江昭上: 598K?!


BK: Yeah

江昭上: Wa, such an expensive car… got toilet at the back?

BK: No toilet, no toilet. So far, no toilet. I’m really sorry.

江昭上: No toilet?

BK: Yeah

江昭上: Is this a hybrid?


BK: Hybrid, yeah.

江昭上: Does hybrid mean that… if I don’t have enough money to pump petrol, I can still continue to pilot it?

BK: It can store electricity, but you’ll still need petrol to run it.

江昭上: So still need petrol?

BK: Yeah.


江昭上: This 7 Series is quite spacious ah. Can sit 5 leng luis (pretty girls) at the back?

BK: I’m presuming your leng luis are quite skinny? If skinny, can ah.

江昭上: My leng luis are obviously skinny, walao.

BK: Yeah can, but need to squeeze abit ah.

江昭上: This car got… warranty?

BK: Yeah, 5 years.

江昭上: 5 years…? Let’s say ah… in these 5 years… should I not be able to get a wife even after buying this car… can I claim back my money?

BK: Claim back…? So far… cannot ah… *Nervous laughter*


江昭上: So cannot? *Sighs*


Netizens were evidently undecided on how to react.

Some found it really funny.

Image: 江昭上 Facebook Page

Some questioned his ability to buy a BMW in the first place.

Image: 江昭上 Facebook Page

“Do you even have the capability to sit on one? Don’t cause the brand to lose its reputation.”

“See this guy’s pattern won’t buy one la.”

And one even called the duo out on it.

Image: 江昭上 Facebook Page

So what are you waiting for?

While there’s the undeniable possibility that the BMW doesn’t actually belong to him, this still doesn’t take away from the fact that he’s offering a brand new Vios, RM500 and rides on his BMW for his lucky new wife!

So don’t hesitate, and just go for it!

Don’t say bo jio ah!


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