Namewee Claimed That a Celebrity Raped a Female Fan But Kept His Identity Secret

We tend to idolise celebrities and look up to them for inspiration.

Unfortunately, there are instances where they take advantage of their fans.

On 16 January 2023, controversial Malaysian singer Namewee accused a celebrity of raping a female fan.


However, he didn’t disclose the identity of the celebrity.

The Claims

On Monday, Namewee posted a rant on his Instagram story accusing an unnamed male celebrity of raping his female friend.

Image: Instagram (@nameweephoto)
Image: Instagram (@nameweephoto)

Referring to his friend as a xiao mei mei, which is mandarin for little sister or young girl, Namewee alleged that the celebrity forced himself onto his friend without a condom and ejaculated inside her.

He called sexual desire normal but said it was not okay for the celebrity not to wear a condom, let alone ejaculate inside the girl.


After all, she could get an unwanted pregnancy.

He noted that his friend was caught off-guard and that the sexual assault lasted for two minutes.

Namewee ranted, “She is so young and thought she was getting the opportunity to meet her idol up close, but you suddenly removed her pants and entered her without warning.”

Namewee also claimed that the celebrity immediately pulled up his pants and ran back to his room as he was scared of being seen. 


These grave accusations left netizens wondering who the mysterious perpetrator could be.

In Namewee’s first Instagram story, he said, “If your motherland arrests you, be prepared to pack your things and be roommates with ‘Toothpick’. Let’s see if you still love your motherland after that.”

While the rant hints at who the celebrity could be, it remains vague.

Netizens speculate that “Toothpick” may be referring to former k-pop idol Kris Wu.


Wu was recently sentenced to 13 years imprisonment for rape.

In the original Weibo post accusing him of rape, his victim Du Meizhu gave him the nickname “Wu Toothpick” to reference his lack of sexual prowess.

There are also speculations that the celebrity is a Hongkonger, as implied by Namewee’s use of “motherland”.

Some netizens speculate that he could be referring to Hong Kong star Jackson Wang, a former member of the k-pop group GOT7.

Namewee’s Instagram stories also imply that the celebrity often goes to Thailand to promote his work. 

Who is Namewee?

Namewee, whose real name is Wee Meng Chee, is a controversial figure in Malaysian society.

He is known for being outspoken and for the provocative nature of his songs.


He first gained popularity when he released a song titled “Negarakuku”, a parody of Malaysia’s national anthem “Negaraku.”

If you haven’t realised, the word kuku is reminiscent of “penis” in Hokkien. Yikes.

Obviously, this song caused many Malaysians to raise their eyebrows.

This incident was only the first of a long list of controversies.

Namewee has also gotten in trouble with the police numerous times.


One notable instance was when he was remanded in 2016 for filming a music video titled “Oh My God”.

The music video was offensive as performers dressed up as religious leaders partying inside a mosque. 

He recently held a series of autograph sessions in Taiwan.

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Keeping in mind that Namewee is a controversial figure, some netizens are sceptical of his claims.

In the comments section of a Facebook post by Tashi Media, netizens have pointed out the lack of substantiation in his allegations.

Image: Facebook (@Tashi Media)

Others have also accused him of being a coward for not revealing the perpetrator’s identity.

Image: Facebook (@Tashi Media)


Some feel that he is just trying to garner media attention because he is releasing new music soon.

In response to the scepticism, Namewee posted an Instagram story defending himself. 

Image: Instagram (@nameweephoto)

“It isn’t logical to assume that I’m just trying to attract media attention. It’s not my business if the media wants to report on this situation. I’m merely writing on my personal Instagram account.”


He added that he didn’t name the perpetrator due to the girl’s reluctance to publicise the celebrity’s identity.

He said, “Some have questioned why she didn’t go to the police. If she does so, do you think that his fans or the public will believe her? They may even accuse her of being willing.”

Namewee also suggested that the potential bullying that could come with making a police report may push his friend to hurt herself.

The celebrity in question remains unnamed.

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Featured Image: Instagram (@nameweephoto)