Netizens Salty After Naomi Neo Posted Yet Another Controversial Video

Naomi Neo has come under fire for one of her TikToks again. 

She posted a video in which she brought her son to a fine dining experience, and viewers have a lot to say about it. 

Naomi Neo Brings 4-year-old Son to Fine Dining Experience

In the TikTok video, her family went to Sushi Yujo, a fine dining omakase restaurant, on Tanjong Pagar Road. Prices for the lunch omakase there start at $98 per person. 

The video began with her driving her Lamborghini to the venue. 

As the clip progresses, her son was seen enjoying a variety of dishes especially prepared for him by the chef.

When Naomi asks her son what he wants, he excitedly says that he wants the “ball ball and noodle”. 

For us bourgeoisie, that would usually refer to the $5.80 fishball noodles with soup from our local Kopitiam.

Unfortunately, this is fine dining we’re talking about here. 

The dish that 4-year-old Kyzo was referring to was the chilled truffled uni angel hair pasta dish which was priced at $78.

Some of us haven’t even had a $78 dollar meal in our life, let alone a single dish.

In the video, when his dish arrived, he refused to let Naomi try and was pulling the plate of noodles away from her. 

Upon being asked by Naomi what his favourite was, he immediately pointed to the caviar on the plate and said “this one”. Naomi asked if she could have some and he said, “no”.

Ending the video, there was a clip of Kyzo enjoying a plate of seasonal Japanese fruits, namely musk melon and grapes, with him shaking his body side to side in enjoyment. The text on the screen read: “Verdict: He loves it and definitely has an expensive taste”. 

@naomineo Gonna be broke at this rate 😂💸 #fyp #japanesefood #omakase #sushi #funnytoddler ♬ Spongebob Tomfoolery – Dante9k Remix – David Snell

The Verdict: Netizens Don’t Love It

Many viewers reacted with envy as they compared the extravagance of the place against their own everyday lifestyles. 

There were comments saying the boy was “so lucky” and had an “expensive childhood”. Additionally, some said that they have “never seen” such dishes before. 

Some viewers went so extreme as to ask her to adopt them. 

I wish I were that child too. 

Logically, some were discontented at how much she was spending on a child.

“Cooking Maggie mee for my kids while watching this video,” a user commented. 

Another viewer lamented: “When (I was) that age, my pocket money was 70 cents, just enough for recess.”

Meanwhile, I can’t even order fish at the caifan stall. 

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The Ghost Prank in August 2022

Another notable TikTok that she was criticised for was one in which she pranked her son until he cried. It was also one of her most-viewed videos. 

In the viral video with over 23.1 million views and 2.4 million likes, Naomi and her husband stands behind her child as a scary ghost filter begins to appear from behind. She then bolts out the door, and she and her husband both close it before Kyzo can escape.

The boy panics and tries to open the door but to no avail. He starts frantically crying and was visibly terrified. 

The video titled “GHOST PRANK ON MY SON” received a lot of heated comments saying that she was a “mean” and “f***** up” parent. Some viewers also questioned her sanity and the reason behind the abusive act. 

Many scolded her for traumatising her son just for views and popularity. 


On the other hand, some viewers thought it was funny and that people were just being dramatic about it. 

Because of all the backlash, she issued another TikTok to explain everything. 

In her response, she films her and her son smiling with the same background filter on. 

The video was captioned: “Appreciate the advice, but let’s not tell a mom/dad what works best for their kids.”

She provides her reasoning for the prank in a text on the screen, which reads: “I think everyone has their own ideas of parenting and how each child learns is different. I would never do anything to deliberately hurt my own child(ren).”

The clip also shows her son chuckling while saying, “I want to do again”, commenting that it was “so fun”.

She and her husband also said that “for (them), it’s about having fun with guidance.”

Finally, Kyzo cleared the air by saying that the filter was “fake” and he “still want(ed) to see next time”.

All in good fun?

By now, it’s not surprising when she posts a controversial TikTok prank video involving Kyzo. 

In April, she filmed a clip in which she pretended she could not see him as he was invisible, which made him so scared that he cried near the end of the video. 

A month before that, she hid in the back of the car while her husband picked Kyzo up from preschool. When the boy realised his mum was not around, he became distraught and tearful. The clip, one of Neo’s top videos, racked up more than 54.1 million views.

So, how do you feel about these pranks?

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Featured Image: Naomi Neo / TikTok