Nas Daily Host Acting as a S’pore Soldier in Short Film That Will be Released on 11 April

If you wanna feel like we’re back in 2019, here’s a name for you: Nas Daily.

In case COVID-19 scared your memories out of you, here’s a recap on who this guy is:

Image: Facebook

This guy is Nuseir Yassin, also known by his viral social videos called “Nas Daily”, where he posts 1-minute videos of his travels on Facebook focused on other people and their lives. His videos got big. 

And I mean 15 million followers big.

At that number, you can be sure he has haters.

Image: Know Your Meme

Just take a look at some of our previous articles on him:

Woah, some people really don’t like him huh?

But regardless of what people think, he is making his debut in a short film.

The Short Film The Last Song is Set in 2030 Singapore

The film is part of Storeys, which is a film festival and ground-up initiative piloted by CreativesAtWork and supported by IMDA to cover the productions costs of content creators who are passionate about social issues and have a story to tell.

Out of the 15 concepts selected, the short film with the highest number of local views will receive funding to produce a second video.

The Last Song is produced by the actor Andie Chen as part of the project, with his new production house Vagabond Media.

The film is about a war in Singapore, but the setting is as vague as it gets: “set in the future 2030 when Singaporeans are thrust into defending our country against an unknown force”.

Nas? In the film, he is a Singapore soldier and Andie’s best friend. Initially, he was a mentor for the Storeys initiative, but then later got roped in to act.

(Don’t ask me why they hired a social media creator as an advisor for film, which are two separate types of videos.)

(Oh yeah, the story is originally covered on AsiaOne, Marketing-Interactive and the Straits Times. But I should warn you that apparently being spoiler-free isn’t a thing and those links contain major spoilers. Or at least what seems like it.)

Nas Daily: The Making of Social Videos are 10 Times Easier

Turns out, making a film isn’t easy. Andie admitted that the production exceeded the budget,

“We knew it would be difficult and expensive, but it was impossible to know how hard it would be. Sourcing for props like guns and uniforms – you need permits for some of that.”

This came as a culture shock to Nas, who transitioned from social videos to film for this project.

Andie told the Straits Times, “I think (Nas) was quite shocked that we could spend three hours just doing one scene, but he was generous and game.”

Nas said that creating his video for Nas Daily is 10 times easier.

Speaking to Marketing-Interactive, Nas Daily added, “It’s incredible the amount of hard work, passion, and grit that goes into films like these. I hope people who watch the film appreciate how hard Chen and the crew worked on it.”

Needless to say, as much the attention Nas Daily brings just by having his name, this whole thing is less about Nas Daily and more about the Storeys project. So if you’re interested definitely do check out the other films there as well.

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