5 Facts About NDP 2022, Including Its Theme Song & Its Logo

The National Day Parade (NDP) 2022 Executive Committee just announced the theme and logo for our nation’s 57th birthday, among other details.

Here’s what to expect for NDP 2022.

“Stronger Together, Majulah!”

After riding through the pandemic, NDP 2022’s theme “Stronger Together, Majulah!” beckons Singaporeans to forge ahead as a united and strong people for a better future.

It reminds us that unity in our diversity is what makes us stronger as a nation. “Majulah”, which means “onward”, serves as a rallying call for Singaporeans to unite and emerge stronger as one.

Logo Centres Upon Love

Image: NDP 2022 Executive Committee

This year’s logo shows two figures holding hands and forming a heart. It symbolises how Singaporeans come together to build a strong, inclusive and caring society. Aww.

The heart also symbolises Singaporeans’ love for our nation and signifies that empathy and compassion are in the heart of Singapore.

The two figures also look like the number 57, which is how old Singapore is turning.

And, if you were paying attention to the national day celebrations back in school, you would know that the five shooting stars represent Singapore’s ideals: democracy, peace, progress, justice, and equality.

NDP Theme Song “Stronger Together”

What’s national day without the theme songs?

While we no longer get iconic songs like “Home” or “In A Heartbeat”, the NDP theme songs are always a highlight of the entire celebration. You can listen to this year’s theme song “Stronger Together” here:

This year’s song is especially exciting: for the first time, there’ll be a virtual choir performance of the song during the parade. This will then be followed by five live chapter performances and a film, meant to depict how Singapore has emerged stronger together.

The live chapters will be performed by agencies, with special guest appearances by our favourite Singaporean artists and satellite performances. Definitely something to look forward to in the parade.

Celebrations Islandwide Over The Weekend

This year’s celebrations will start on the weekends of 6 and 7 August, with heartland celebrations organised by the People’s Association.

At five locations islandwide, you’ll get to enjoy performances, activities, exhibitions, and a display by the Singapore Armed Forces and Home Team.

On 7 August, our favourite Red Lions will be conducting freefall jumps at two locations. Your Instagram stories will definitely be full of these icons.

On 9 August itself, chinooks will bring the flag soaring around Singapore, while F-16 fighter jets will roar through the skies. Fireworks will also be set off in various parts of Singapore.

NDP 2022 Held At The Float @ MBS

While so many activities are carried out islandwide, the main show will be at The Float @ Marina Bay, with a maximum capacity of 26,000. It could be the last time the parade is held there, before construction starts in 2023 for NS Square.

Primary five students will be delighted to hear that National Education shows for them are back. There will also be ticketed shows for public balloting before the parade.

Audiences can look forward to the NDP 2022 fun packs, which will be full of food and interactive items.

According to the executive committee, there will be air, land, and sea demonstrations by the SAF and Home Team.

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Participate In Online Engagement Efforts

There are also online engagement efforts that you can participate in before NDP 2022.

For instance, #PledgeSG is a campaign that invites you to pledge your support for various causes. You can also express your hopes and wishes for Singapore, which will be collated into an online social wall.

Additionally, there is also the #DoingGood campaign that’ll be launched in July, which aims to encourage Singaporeans to fulfil our pledges for causes through different activities.

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Featured Image: NDP 2022 Executive Committee