Youth Pointed Middle Finger at Man Who Interrupted Her TikTok Dance in Ikea

Many people love Ikea for their meatballs and super chio furniture. Others love Ikea for… giving them a nice backdrop for their TikTok videos?

These two girls were so invested in getting that perfect TikTok dance video that they pointed the middle finger at a man who interrupted her dance… then posted the video on TikTok anyway.

Girls Blocked Chair Display While Dancing

An anonymous Stomper brought attention to a TikTok video posted on 30 May, which showed two girls dancing in front of the camera.

The pair was dancing in front of a chair display, and had to move out of the way in the middle of their performance because a man wanted to access the display.

Seemingly irritated that their performance was interrupted, one of the girls pointed her middle finger at the man while his back was turned. The TikTok video was also captioned “That uncle is very crazy”.

I mean, don’t blame others when you were the one blocking a public space.

The anonymous Stomper said that they felt angry when they came across this TikTok, as the girl was being really disrespectful.

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Netizens’ Reactions

Many netizens expressed anger and disappointment toward the girls. After all, Ikea is a place for people to shop, not to do TikTok dances. How dare she disrespect a genuine shopper when they were the ones blocking the way?

Some also noted that flashing the middle finger showed just how ill-mannered and self-entitled the girl was, while others shared how they came across youths filming TikToks in public too:

Image: Facebook
Image: Facebook
Image: Facebook

The TikTok video was taken down shortly after the video started going viral.

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