Former Pizza Hut President to Take Over as CEO of NTUC FairPrice


No, this doesn’t mean that Pizza Hut is coming to your nearest FairPrice. It might mean even more features and services coming your way, though.

Pizza Hut International president Vipul Chawla is taking over as the new chief executive of FairPrice Group. Here are all the details about his new position.

Mr Vipul Taking Over Mr Seah from 5 April

The global search for a new chief has ended with a statement from FairPrice Group and NTUC Enterprise on Thursday (17 February). Mr Vipul, a Singaporean, will be taking over the chief executive position from Mr Seah on 5 April.

Mr Seah, who currently holds the dual roles of chief executive at NTUC Enterprise and FairPrice Group, will still retain his position at NTUC Enterprise after the takeover. He will also be appointed deputy chairman of FairPrice Group, as well as chairman of FairPrice Foundation.

While holding the position as CEO of NTUC FairPrice since 2016, Mr Seah introduced new ventures like FairPrice Xtra, FairPrice Finest, FairPrice Xpress and FairPrice shop. Now you know who to thank for the variety of services you get from FairPrice!

Under his leadership, FairPrice’s position as one of the top supermarket chains in Singapore was strengthened. He had also boosted the chain’s annual revenue of less than $1 billion when he joined, to more than $4 billion currently.

After 5 April, Mr Seah will focus on driving growth across NTUC Enterprises’ social enterprise clusters. NTUC Enterprise is the holding entity and largest shareholder of NTUC’s social enterprises, which comprises NTUC FairPrice, NTUC First Campus, NTUC Foodfare, NTUC Health, NTUC Income, NTUC LearningHub, and Kopitiam.

Meanwhile, Mr Vipul will focus on increasing the growth of FairPrice’s physical and online stores. He’ll also be focusing on maintaining a robust supply chain strategy.

Mr Vipul’s Prior Experience Makes Him The Best Fit 

The chairman of FairPrice Group’s board, Mr Bobby Chin, said that Mr Vipul’s experience in many industries would be an asset to the company.

Mr Vipul also holds an impressive portfolio, with a postgraduate degree in management studies from S.P Jain Institute of Management and Research at Bombay University in Mumbai. He had also held many leadership roles in Fortune 500 companies in the consumer goods and food services industries.

Mr Vipul became president of Pizza Hut International in 2018, and oversaw global markets with total revenue of US$7.5 billion. He also successfully steered the company through the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Mr Vipul had also been involved with NTUC in the past, as part of their “U Circle of Friends” to promote Singapore’s talent pool. He had also previously worked with local food banks to assist the needy.

Mr Bobby Chin said about Mr Vipul, “I am confident that he will build on our legacy and propel our ambitions for the group.”

BTW, as his previous position was based in Dallas, United States, Mr Vipul has also expressed his excitement at returning home. If I was based in the US for four years, I, too, will be rushing home for some hawker food and bubble tea.

Mr Vipul will leave his Pizza Hut International position on 1 April in preparation for his new position in NTUC FairPrice.

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