New York Opens Its First S’pore-Style Hawker Centre But Food Prices Aren’t Hawker Prices


Urban Hawker, a food hall in Singapore’s hawker centre style, boasts actual Singaporean hawkers amongst its 17 stalls.

Singaporeans in New York can go and see whether the food has that true Singaporean taste. But one thing’s for sure: the price is definitely not reminiscent of Singaporean hawker prices.

Just look at this bowl of prawn mee, or as they call it in New York, prawn ramenThis bowl of noodles, which would usually sell at $3 to $7 in Singapore, goes for a whopping S$26 in New York.

If you expect lobster in it, keep on dreaming because this is an actual image of the prawn mee there:

Image: Shin Min Daily News

Mr Choong, the owner of Prawnholic Collections, said that the prices are much higher in New York due to expensive manpower, high rental, and the rising costs of ingredients.

For instance, he has to pay each of his three kitchen assistants S$7,150, or US$5,000, a month due to the US’ minimum wage policy.

Yes, this is one of the reasons why minimum wage would affect us indirectly. You can watch this video to know more:

Additionally, Urban Hawker is located in the busiest areas of Manhattan, just a stone’s throw away from Times Square. The rental in this prime district is definitely much higher.

Another stall, White Restaurant, is also facing the same issues. They’re selling their white bee hoon at S$18.60 to S$20 in New York, while it would have sold for less than S$10 in Singapore.

11/17 Stalls Are Actual Singaporean Hawker Stalls

Located at 135 W. 50th Street between Sixth and Seventh Avenues in Midtown, the 14,000 sq ft food hall that seats 200 people houses 17 vendors, with 11 being actual Singaporean hawker stalls. It opens from 8am to 11pm daily.

All of these stalls have actually been handpicked by Makansutra founder K.F. Seetoh, so you know that the food is going to be good.

Despite the expensive price tag, New York City’s locals might actually find them to be in their usual food price ranges. The food looks pretty legit too, like this serving of chicken rice from Hainan Jones:

Image: Instagram (therizexperience)

The 11 local hawkers there include:

  • Sembawang’s famous white bee hoon seller White Restaurant,
  • Nanyang kopi seller Kopifellas,
  • Golden Mile Food Centre’s halal burger chain Ashes Burnnit,
  • Chinese restaurant Dragon Phoenix’s Wok and Staple,
  • Hainanese chicken rice stall Hainan Jones,
  • Hokkien prawn noodles stall Prawnaholic Collections,
  • Nyonya Peranakan stall Daisy’s Dream,
  • Malay and Indonesian food stall Padi D’NYC,
  • Indian food stall Mamak’s Corner,
  • Singaporean-style western food stall Smokin’ Joe, and
  • Mr Fried Rice, a (obviously) fried rice stall.

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The other six stalls are:

  • Yum Yubu,
  • Jakarta Munch,
  • Tradisyon,
  • Lady Wong,
  • Dim Sum Darlings, and
  • The Sling Bar.

You can watch a tour of Urban Hall here:


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