Practical Yet Romantic: Man Folds Money Into Heart Shape For 6 Years, Then Use Them To Buy A Car For Wife


To all those who think romance is dead, think again.

I mean, there are many ways to show your love and gratitude to your significant other, from simple gestures like buying flowers or bringing them out for a candle-lit dinner to grand gestures like booking a trip to Maldives.

Or you could be like this man from Sichuan, China, who folded two origami hearts for his wife every single day using one and 10 yuan notes.


Talk about dedication!

This lovely act has been going on for six years until he realized the folded hearts were getting mouldy.

Can he top his own act?

According to AsiaOne, he then used the money to buy her a car!

Take a look at the video:


Disclaimer: It is in Chinese, fret not, non-Chinese readers, a picture speaks a thousand words (in this case it would be a video).

The saleswoman was shocked just like us when the couple showed up with a luggage filled with heart-shaped notes.

I can only imagine what the saleswoman must be thinking when she had to painstakingly unfold them one by one.


The notes summed up to over 20,000 yuan, and he topped up the remaining amount through his credit card to pay for the car.

It sounds sweet and all but in Singapore?

In this economy?

In this job market?


I am not being a sourpuss but let’s just say if you decide to fold heart shapes using $10, how many notes would you actually need?

According to the article by Dollars and Sense, an Audi A4 retails at $161,000.

So you would need 16,100 hearts (provided you’re using $10) and that means…….

You know what, you’re better off vacationing at Maldives.

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