Pretty Girl Gives BF Bouquet of Cash Folded Into Roses & Won the Internet


If this is already your millionth article in search for the best Valentine’s Day idea, I applaud you for your determination.

If you’re in search of out-of-the-world ideas, we saw the news that there’s a store selling chicken and waffle bouquets a while back.

That’s creative alright, but what if your partner is full upon receiving it?

Meh, scrape it off.

But Valentine’s Day is today (cues panic attack), where are you gonna go and get something so special?

Well, there’s a couple in Thailand that you ought to learn from.

The female lead in this story is 20-year-old Thai student Pilaslak Puenchoke.

In a video posted on Facebook, she gave her boyfriend of one year a bouquet of …

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Image: WorldofBuzz

That’s right!

The ‘flowers’ are actually THB500 bills, and the whole bouquet costs her about THB 100,000 (SGD 4,200).

Wow… I don’t even want to calculate how long it will take me to earn that much.


But before you start to think that Pilaslak is just a rich “pretty face”, let me tell you something.

According to World of Buzz, that’s all her hard-earned money from selling cosmetics online!

The bouquet is also meant to be his Valentine’s Day and birthday gift, so she’s killing two birds with one stone.

Pilaslak got the idea while she was scrolling through Instagram (see mom? I told you social media is good) and thought that it would be the best choice since she had no idea what to get her boyfriend.

Image: WorldofBuzz

But she didn’t fold the ‘flowers’ herself; she commissioned a floral shop to do so by paying them THB 104,000 (SGD 4300).

Well…even though she paid the florist more than what she gave him, it’s still the thought that counts right?

But I guess you can argue that gifts are more meaningful if hand-made.

Whatever your stand is, can we just talk about how she managed to earn so much from selling cosmetics online?

Image: Meme Generator

Can show this to your partner liao and see whether he or she will auto a bit or not. 😉

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