Goodbye, Winter: S’pore Set for Dry & Hot Weather For the Next Two Weeks


Thanks to the monsoon surge, Singapore had a cold spell of sorts as the temperature dropped below 23 degrees Celsius.

It was so cold that certain parts of Singapore were 21.2 degrees Celsius, the lowest recorded temperature since 2016.

There were even flash floods which generated panic and memes.

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While some might have been a little extra by donning winter jackets to combat the chill, most of us enjoyed the weather albeit fleeting.


There will be less rainy days in the second half of January

There will still be rain but not as much as before, with five to seven days of short-duration thundery showers, according to the advisory by NEA.

Expect gusty winds and thundery showers between the predawn and early morning on one or two days due to the passage of Sumatra Squalls.

Temperatures rising

For those who are a fan of Singapore’s signature muggy weather, you’re in luck as the daily temperature for the next two weeks is forecasted to range betwixt 24 degrees Celsius and 32 degrees Celsius.

You can expect cooler temperatures on certain days, but not as cold as 22 °C!

The daily maximum and the daily minimum will range between 27 °C-29 °C and 23 °C-24 °C respectively.

Well, it was fun while it lasted but now it is back to sweating in places that I never knew was remotely possible.

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