It’ll Continue to Rain Almost Every Day in the First 2 Weeks of Nov

Remember those days when you refuse to get out of bed last month because of how good it is to sleep in on a rainy day?

Well, that’s going to persist in the next two weeks.

Singapore Experienced the Wettest October in Forty Years 

Believe it or not, October 2022 is the wettest in forty years—with a monthly total rainfall of 412.0mm. The previous highest was 389.3mm in October 2011.

This was mainly due to the influence of several tropical storms over the South China Sea and the Western Pacific Ocean. This led to a large-scale convergence of winds over Singapore and the surrounding countries.

The highest daily rainfall last month was on the morning of 5 October 2022, resulting in a daily total rainfall of 138.1mm at Pasir Panjang. This was the highest daily total rainfall for October 2022.

As for the daily maximum temperature, it was below 33 degree celsius on most days due to the rainy weather. The lowest temperature dropped to 21.9 degree celsius at Jurong Island during the showers on 12 October 2022. This is almost like free air-con, for those within the area. 

Well, the same thing will happen for the first two weeks of November.

It’ll Continue to Rain Almost Every Day in the First 2 Weeks of November

For those of you who do not have a habit to bring your umbrellas out because you do not want to look like an auntie, think again.

It will continue to rain almost every day in the first two weeks of November.

Thundery showers are expected on most days in the first two weeks of the month.

During these two weeks, the daily temperature on most days ranges between 24 degree and 33 degree celsius . Lower temperatures can be expected on wetter days—ranging from 23 degree celsius to 32 degree celsius.

The Cause of the Rain 

In case you are wondering why a hot and humid country like Singapore will have so much rain, here is the explanation.

Sumatra squalls developing in the Strait of Malacca may bring thundery showers with occasional gusty winds in the first week of November. This will take place between pre-dawn hours and the morning— which is about the time you wake up to be a corporate slave.

Whereas in the later part of the two weeks, it is expected to rain on afternoons instead. Sometimes, it can even extend to the evenings.

Moral of the story: umbrellas are still important this month, even though you may look like an auntie. 

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