Rebecca Lim Finally Reveals More Details About Her Fiance


While some celebrities are all about sharing their lives with the public, others are much more cautious and private when it comes to their personal relationships and lives.

And local actress Rebecca Lim is part of the latter.

So when Lim, 35, announced on her Instagram last November that she was engaged, netizens were naturally curious about who this mystery man was.


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Even the first photo she shared of him after his proposal was captured from the back, meaning that most people had absolutely no clue as to who Lim’s fiance was.

And though she eventually went on to share a few more pictures of her and her fiance Matthew Webster, she only sat down with HerWorld recently to talk more about him in detail.

Who is He?

A much less familiar face to most Singaporeans who religiously watch Channel 8 dramas, Webster, who is half-British and half-Singaporean Chinese, was a journalism major who once interned at CNA. He is now the assistant vice-president of corporate branding at PSA Singapore.

How Did They Meet?

They met through mutual friends, as Rebecca’s friend set her up with his friend’s friend.

Fun fact: The first time they met, they were in a large group and actually didn’t get to know each other very well! “Matthew and I are not good with big groups, so I barely knew anything about him,” Lim recalled.

They only got to know each other better on subsequent dates, with their first one lasting six hours.

Also, Webster doesn’t understand Chinese, so no, he didn’t get to know Lim through Channel 8 dramas like most of us!

How Could She Tell That He Was the One?

When talking about what she looks for in a partner, Lim once mentioned in the past that she was looking for someone who was “filial, funny and kind”.

When asked about whether or not Webster fits the bill, she said, “He does, but what I didn’t realise was, while these are important, they’re not the things that define your relationship. I like that when Matthew’s with me, he’s 100 per cent there. He gives his presence and attention.”


She also recounted her growth and maturity over the years, mentioning how “It’s different when you meet someone for the first time at 25 years old versus when you’re 35.”

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Post-proposal Plans

Even celebrities can’t dodge the age-old question, “So when are you having kids?”

In response to this, Lim answered that she grew up with siblings, so she “always thought [she] wanted a few kids”.


However, her perspective changed after being involved with caring for her niece over the past year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. “I’m just her aunt, but I think about things like whether the world would be kind to her, and whether she would be kind.”

“Can you imagine when or if I have my own? Matthew is an only child, so I believe the kid is not missing out if he/she doesn’t have any siblings. One is enough!” she concluded.

Both Lim and Webster are still staying with their parents and are clearly in no hurry to move out or buy their own property. Lim cited the high property prices now and remarked, “The real estate market is so expensive now! So I guess we can just wait and see.”

Well, hopefully they won’t be competing with us for an HDB flat.

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