Police Had to Break Into Redhill HDB Flat After Man Trapped Himself in Flat With Elderly Mum


After locking himself and his elderly mother in their home, a man was arrested by the police on Tuesday (27 December) night.

The police had tried negotiating with him to open the door to their house for four hours before deciding to arrest him out of fear that he would hurt his mother, who is in her seventies.

Later, it was revealed that the man had apparently been involved in drug abuse.

Here’s what happened.

Neighbours’ Recounts

The incident, which took place at around 8 pm at a ninth-storey unit at 90 Redhill Close,

A resident named Ms Hong (Hanyu pinyin) told Shin Min Daily News that she learned of the incident after her grandmother called to tell her that there was a large group of police officers near her house and that she was scared.

Ms Hong then rushed to her grandmother’s house and said she also saw many police officers along the corridor. According to her, the atmosphere was extremely tense, and the operation ended at around 2 am the next day.

Another resident named Mr Chen (Hanyu pinyin) revealed that he discovered something had happened at around 10 pm after realising that there were multiple police cars and fire engines below his block.

He also saw personnel from the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) set up an inflatable safety life air pack at the foot of his block.

Apart from that, Mr Chen also shared that the man in the affected unit often yelled loudly in the middle of the night or early in the morning in recent times.

Other residents said that the man’s older sister called the police after being unable to contact their mother.


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Police Update: No One Was Hurt, Man Arrested Due to Involvement in Drugs

After the incident, the police confirmed they received a call for assistance at 8.30 pm that night.

Officers then found out that a 47-year-old man had locked himself and his 78-year-old mother inside their flat after reaching the scene and tried to convince him to open the house door but to no avail.

After assessing that the man might be of harm to both him and his mother, the Crisis Negotiation Unit was deployed. Personnel from both the Special Operation Command (SOC) and SCDF were dispatched to the scene to aid in the operation.

At 12.30 am on Wednesday (28 December), officers finally broke into the house. No one was hurt in the process.

Afterwards, the man was arrested under the Mental Health Act for drug-related offences.

Investigations are currently ongoing.

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Featured Image: Shin Min Daily News