Remember Twin’s Gillian Chung? She’s Now Engaged

Remember her?

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If you find yourself mouthing three syllables, that’s right; this beautiful lady here is none other than Gillian Chung, one half of popular Cantopop duo Twins!

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And guess what?

She’s engaged!

Which would have a natural cause for celebration, unless you’re a single man like me who can only look on as yet another female idol gets swept off the market.

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Ah, life.


The 37-year-old Hong Kong singer recently shared the news on her Instagram feed, with an image of a diamond ring bearing the caption: “下一站幸福 (Next stop happiness)”

Image: q_gill Instagram

Which leads to the all-important question: who on earth’s the lucky guy?

Well, look no further, as it’s none other than 29-year-old Taiwanese doctor Michael Lai!

Image: Instagram / gillianchung

Incidentally, the couple’s believed to have started dating in October last year.

“I’m not an artiste, I want a low profile, but I’ll work hard at my career to give Gillian the greatest happiness, and I hope everyone can give their blessing,” Lai told Taiwan Apple Daily through a friend.

Interesting fact: Lai’s known in Taiwan as “the Sunny Wang of medicine”, because of his resemblance to the actor.

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Meanwhile, the other half of the Cantopop duo, Charlene Choi, has also given her blessings.

“A thousand words in my heart,” she wrote on her Instagram.

Image: choisaaaa Instagram

It’s not his first marriage

Despite Lai’s relatively young age, it’s not his first marriage. In 2016, he was briefly married to blogger Ivy Chao, a well-known look-alike of actress Ariel Lin.

On the other hand, it will be Chung’s first marriage, after being linked to several actors over the years.

Nevertheless, we wish the lovely-looking couple a blissful marriage ahead!

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