TikTok Sensation Priyanka Voted into SAJC Student Council After Her Viral TikTok Rap

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Remember Priyanka, who puts the P in empathy?

Her viral TikTok rap has garnered the hearts of her schoolmates (and Singapore), as she has been successfully elected to council.


TikTok Video To Garner Votes Went Viral

If you’re not on TikTok, Priyanka, a J1 student from St. Andrew’s Junior College (SAJC), went viral for her student council elections campaign.

On 27 February, she posted a video of herself rapping and dancing to the beat of Spice Girls’ “Wannabe”, telling fellow schoolmates why they should vote for her.

In it, she listed reasons such as her “oratory skills to voice opinions” and how she “puts the P in empathy”, a phrase that has become synonymous with her campaign.

Her two friends dancing enthusiastically at the back with one glove each also chimed in with “she’s a real G!”. How do we find friends as supportive as Priyanka’s?

Despite only expecting to win over the hearts of SAJC students, she ended up winning the hearts of Singaporeans. Within a day, Priyanka’s video amassed more than 647,300 views and 60,000 likes, with many netizens expressing their support for her.

Ever since her video blew up, everyone has been lurking in her comments and asking one question…

Did Priyanka get into student council?


TikTok Dance of Victory

On 4 March, Priyanka graced us with some good news: she got into student council.

She and her two friends victoriously danced along to “Who’s That Chick?” by David Guetta and Rihanna, while text appeared on the screen that expressed her gratitutde.

She thanked everyone for showering her with support and guidance, especially Singapore’s TikTok community’s encouragement.

“I’m immensely grateful for the opportunity… Mentorship has taught me a lot of valuable lessons, and I assure you I will continue to serve the student body with a fiery passion!”

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Netizens: P for President?

Needless to say, Singaporeans were ecstatic for their favourite SAJC student. The comments were flooded with many comments congratulating Priyanka for her achievement.

Some even encouraged Priyanka to run for President of student council, and perhaps Singapore. One comment even said “now P for Prime Minister”.

Well, if she does run for Prime Minister, does that mean she’ll rap battle PM Lee? 

Congratulations on your councillor position, Priyanka!

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Featured Image: TikTok (@Pronkers)