Son Made Police Report After Elderly Mum Paid $4,760 for Hair Treatment Package in Bedok Salon


An 82-year-old woman went to a neighbourhood hair salon to wash her hair, and she was persuaded to buy a scalp treatment package.

Except there was one problem: she forgot how much she paid.

Upon checking her bank account, her son realised she spent $4800 that day, so he went to the salon to ask for a refund.

The manager of the salon told him that she bought a 20x scalp treatment package, but since the transaction was made more than two months ago, it was impossible to refund the money.

The Sequence of Events

The woman’s son, Mr Weng, 66, told Shin Min Daily News that his mother visited a hair salon near Bedok MRT on 30 August when this happened.

However, the family was unaware of this incident until they accompanied their mother to update her bank book last week. They had been shocked upon discovering that their mother spent a total of $4,800 on 30 August.

Without wasting any time, Mr Weng asked the bank for the details, and learnt that his mother went to a hair salon that day.

After he asked his mother about it, she said that she went to the hair salon with the maid. She originally wanted to only wash her hair, and she remembered paying for it at the salon, but she had forgotten how much she actually paid.

Hence, Mr Weng could only make a trip down to the hair salon. He was told by the female manager that his mother had bought a 20x scalp treatment, which means that each session costs more than $200.

“But why is a single haircut so expensive? I asked the boss for a refund, but she said it has been too long and it’s no longer possible to make a refund,” he said.

When the Chinese newspaper reporters went down to the salon, the 30-year-old female manager confirmed that Madam Weng did buy the treatment package.

She explained that it included a scalp care treatment and each session costs $238.

The manager added that there was no expiry date to the package, and Madam Weng can use it for herself, or let her friends and relatives use it.

She also mentioned that she has told her boss that the family wants a refund. “However, that transaction happened two months ago. The money received has already been given to the staff as their salary, so it would be really difficult for us to refund the money.”

Honestly, $238 sounds like a scam.

For an atas place like Myeongdong Hair Salon, the scalp spa detox ($98) plus cutting, washing and blowing ($48) costs $148 in total. Adding on 10% service tax makes it $160.60.


That is $77.40 cheaper than the neighbourhood hair salon at Bedok.

The treatment package should come with an additional neck and scalp massage and top-class customer service for that price.

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Staff Followed Madam Weng To Withdraw Money

Apparently, during the day of the incident, one of the salon staff had followed Madam Weng to withdraw the money.

Based on Madam Weng’s bank records, the staff had charged $3,000 through her debit card at the store first, and then went to an ATM to withdraw another $1,800.

Towards this, Madam Weng said that she only remembered keying in her pin number at the ATM, but she doesn’t remember if she was the one who entered the amount of money to withdraw.


She said, “After I paid at the hair salon, the staff told me that there’s still a bit more to be paid, and then said she would go with me to withdraw the money.”

With regards to this, the female manager explained that Madam Weng’s whole package costs $4,760.

Is this daylight robbery? You could buy two new laptops with that money.

The female manager clarified, “After paying at the salon, she still owed $1,760. She withdrew $1,800 and we returned her $40 in change.”

Son: My Mother Has Hearing Loss

As an elderly in her eighties, Madam Weng has gone completely deaf in her left ear.

Bringing up the fact that his mother is deaf in one year, Mr Weng said it might be possible that she didn’t completely understand what kind of package the staff was recommending.


He added that he can’t understand why the hair salon can’t make a refund if it keeps a record of their transactions.

After this incident, Mr Weng lodged a police report for his mother.

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Featured Image: Shin Min Daily News 新明日报