Shane Pow Now Selling Beauty Products Via Facebook Livestreaming

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Shane Pow may have hogged all the negative headlines just a few months back, but it appears that his latest career move is a step off the old path.

According to Lianhe Zaobaothe local actor has resurfaced after a prolonged absence on the public front, and it’s a move that has brought about some positive feedback:

A notion that would surely prove vital to revitalising his celebrity career.

Shane Pow Now Selling Beauty Products Via Facebook Livestreaming

According to the news report, the 29-year-old turned up in a Facebook live stream on Monday (31 May) to retail beauty products.

The stream was hosted by Mdada, an online sales company created by local hairstylist Addy Lee and hosts Pornsak Prajakwit and Michelle Chia.

Apart from the founding trio, Pow was also accompanied by other live-stream hosts like former actor Kang Chengxi.

And it appears that it was no one-time deal either, as Pow is scheduled to do live streaming at least two to three times a week with the company.

“His life is just starting out and he has a bright future,” said Chia. “It’d be a shame if we don’t give him a chance. He’s keen to try too so we invited him to join us.”

“We should give him another shot and he has his talents.”

And it seems that Pow has already garnered positive feedback from viewers. Apparently, he was not shy to use beauty products on his face – a huge boon considering his flawless complexion.

But even so, he certainly has room for improvement. His strict artiste training, for instance, does not exactly complement live-streaming behaviour.

“Television artistes are used to being very careful on-screen,” Chia said. “I told him to relax. He can make jokes, go to the washroom, use whatever language he likes.”

“Live streaming is a very different environment, it’s like talking to your friends online. You have to be closer to the audience and I think he’s not really used to it yet.”

Well, given Mdada’s trust and confidence, we wouldn’t be surprised to see Pow become a show-stopping live-stream host in the same vein as veteran fish seller, Wang Lei, one day. After all, Mdada is willing to continue its current partnership with Pow, regardless of the latter’s impending verdict.

You can view the live stream below:


Shane Pow

On 22 April 2021, Pow reportedly faced drunk driving charges in court, having driven a “motorvan” with 14 more microgrammes of alcohol than the 35 microgram limit per 100ml of his breath.

In October 2020, he had breached COVID-19 safe management measures for an oversized gathering.

More damagingly, though, he has already been found guilty for drunk driving once, last being convicted of the offence in July 2014.

And so, after much deliberation, Mediacorp decided to part ways with the actor.

In a statement published on Monday (26 Apr), Mediacorp emphasised its position not to tolerate “any behaviour that runs afoul of the law”, clarifying that they “constantly remind [their] artistes that their fans and members of the public look to them as role models”.

However, encouraging comments left by fellow artistes have somewhat served to mitigate his ‘dishonour’.

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Veteran actor, comedian, and TV host Mark Lee also expressed a willingness to sign on Shane Pow – a notion that the door is far from entirely closed for the latter.

Featured Image: Facebook (Mdada达达开播)

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