She’s Turning 84 Soon And She Can Kick Your Ass In Pokemon Go


Age is just a number.

If you followed that up with ‘Prison is just a room’, you’ve got issues, bro.

Anyway, yeah, age is just a number. How many uncles and aunties have you seen loitering at public parks, staring at their smartphones and making suggestive swipes on the screen?

Just when you thought that Tinder is catching on with the older crowd as well, you catch sight of their screens.

You voyeur.

A fiery Charizard is acting all high-and-mighty and a frustrated uncle is spamming all his balls to get it.

Well, this soon to be 84-year-old lady beats all of them, and not just in age too.

She’s channelling the inner Ash Ketchum in all of us and has made it a point to ‘catch em’ all’.

And so far, she’s captured a whopping 370 Pokemon. Like what???

TODAY released a video featuring the Level 34 Pokemon GO master, where it described her journey to be the very best.

Like all trainers aiming to be a Pokemon Master, her daily training routine is arduous.

When she wakes up, her first thought would be, “Which critter am I gonna catch today?”

She goes for her Qi Gong exercise in the morning and then heads to Chinese Garden, where she starts collecting Poke Balls either by foot or bicycle.

And then the catching spree commences. See a dog? Catch it. See a cat? Catch it? See Nicki Minaj? Catch it.

That’s Mdm Tan Nai Keow’s Pokemon Go motto, to catch em’ all.

The Grandmother of nine and Great-grandmother of one has successfully caught every single Singapore-available Pokemon and is setting her sights overseas.

She’s caught 370 Pokemon and out of these 370 critters, there are 237 types in total.

Image: Imgflip

How did her dream to become a Pokemon Master materialize?

She was out with her family for a New Year’s Eve beach party when her eldest daughter, afraid that she would get lonely, got her to try Pokemon Go. The rest, as they say, was history.

Coconut Tree and Ah Pui

Mdm Tan is unlike other generic Pokemon Trainers, however.

While others spout off official Pokemon names like school nerds, Mdm Tan doesn’t remember their names.

She doesn’t need to. She just calls them names like that mean kid in school.

Like how she dubbed Exeggutor ‘Coconut Tree’.

Image: Amino Apps

And Snorlax ‘Ah Pui’.

Image: tsarinvincible

Classy stuff, Mdm Tan.


However, she does have her preferences, and Blissey and Pikachu are her favourites.


What next?

What’s Mdm Tan’s next goal, now that she’s reaching the summit of the Pokemon Go Pinnacle?

Well, her primary goal, for now, is to hit level 35.

Oh, and by the way, she clarifies that while she rides her bike to catch Pokemon, she’s always aware of her surroundings and doesn’t cause trouble to passer-bys.

That’s a lot more than can be said for certain riders. Learn from her, you inconsiderate fellas!


While my tone throughout the article might seem a teeny weeny bit sarcastic, I really like the idea overall. How many senior citizens have we seen fall prey to dementia or frailty, or because they stay cooped up at home with nothing to work their minds and bodies?


I think the game, while unconventional, can really serve to stimulate seniors’ lifestyles. They get to explore Singapore, get some exercise and work their minds (they never know what’s coming. Is the next Pokemon Pikachu? Or Ratatta?), so all in all, it’s pretty positive.

And we definitely need more positive stuff in our lives.

What about you? Do you share the same thoughts as me? Or do you resonate with these Facebook commenters?

Image: TODAY Facebook Page
Image: TODAY Facebook Page
Image: TODAY Facebook Page

Netizens, seeing the negative in everything since 2000.

You can watch the full video of Mdm Tan below:


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