Singapore Eatery That Has ‘Screaming Children Surcharge’ Hasn’t Imposed the Fee on Any Diner Yet


A few days ago, a restaurant was called out for having a “screaming children” surcharge.

Well, imagine you’re on a romantic date and you were about to ask an important question until you got interrupted by a screaming child less than a few metres away from you.

You’d get mad or at the very least annoyed no?

If you answered no, respect.

But Angie’s Oyster Bar and Grill had been getting quite a number of complaints regarding rowdy children in their restaurant and in order to create a more comfortable atmosphere for their diners, they decided to implement a fee.

$10 will be added to the bill if the child that they’ve brought caused a ruckus.

Some netizens online were not too happy with this sudden rule and it caused a debate on social media.

But it turns out that the fee has not been imposed on any diners yet.


Singapore Eatery That Has ‘Screaming Children Surcharge’ Hasn’t Imposed the Fee on Any Diner Yet

According to Angie’s Oyster Bar and Grill, the new rule was introduced just a few months ago.

Ever since they implemented it, their customer complaints regarding screaming children have reduced.

“Prior to the introduction of this policy, we were receiving comments or complaints from other customers on a weekly basis,” the restaurant added.

While most of their customers are able to control their children when told, there was a small handful that could not.

The restaurant notes how this was dangerous as their servers carry hot plates and sharp cutleries, and children running around during the premises could harm both parties.

Maybe if the good news keeps up for the restaurant, they’ll remove the fine soon.

Or not.


Other Restaurants With No-Child Policy

But if you wish to dine at places with absolutely no children, here are some other options.

Tamarind Hill at 30 Labrador Villa Rd requires diners to be at least 14 years old before dining inside. It’s a beautiful and peaceful Thai restaurant with great food and great photo spots.

Head down to Eight Cafe and Bar located at 8 Bukit Pasoh Rd for a cosy dining experience. Children under 10 years old are not allowed to dine in so you can enjoy your meal with no screaming babies.

If you plan on bringing children along to a restaurant and are unsure if they have a no-child policy, it’s best to give them a call beforehand. It helps both parties too.

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