Someone Has Been Leaving Thumbtacks on Yishun Pavements to ‘Sabo’ Food Delivery Riders

From drug syndicate leaders to serial cat killers, Yishun has been the source of some of Singapore’s most eccentric occurrences. For news sites, it is not just the gift that keeps on giving. Yishun at this point, is simply giving too much.

That’s right, Singapore’s notorious ghetto is back in the limelight again, with yet again something new to add to its laundry list of quirks.

A Tacky Hobby

Metal thumbtacks have been found scattered all around pavements in Yishun.

Since Monday, pictures and videos have been circulating online of people finding thumbtacks strewn all over pavements, with some cyclists and delivery riders even finding thumbtacks lodged in the wheels of their bicycles.

This drew an uproar online, with some netizens condemning the culprit for his irresponsibility, remarking about the hazardous nature of his actions.

Others also surfaced their concerns for the safety of our furry friends during their daily walks.

Not everyone however, were as sympathetic with the riders in the video.

Some netizens remarked that the thumbtacks were a “Good idea to ward off evil cyclists who saddle in lanes” and that this series of incidents only happened “because cyclist can’t behave, if they followed traffic rules, this would not be happening”.

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In another video, food delivery riders can be seen pushing their bicycles by a pavement beside a busy road.

The video also shows a pedestrian walking together with the riders, with his hands full of thumbtacks collected from the pavement.

The video similarly drew furious comments from netizens, with one comment that reads, “Wah pian. Revenge here revenge there at the end we all suffer. Think of the children who walk pass and pets who accidentally step on it! Whoever doing it Please stop lah.”

Reports have been lodged in relation to these incidents and the police are currently investigating the matter.

Some riders have also flagged out their concerns on the additional expenses they’ll have to incur in repairing their wheels.

The only people that could possibly be happy about the surfacing of this newest character in Yishun are the friendly uncles running the neighbourhood bicycle repair shops.

So if you live in Yishun and your GrabFood order takes a little longer to arrive this week, don’t blame your Grab driver. They may have been the unfortunate victims of a strange man’s tacky new hobby.

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Featured Image: Facebook (Mar AttutuDe)