Singapore OnlyFans Creator Gracie Hartie Hiring PA & Will Pay Up to $5,800 a Month

Most of us would probably already know what OnlyFans is if not for the internet, or Titus Low.

If you didn’t know yet, Titus Low was fined $3,000 for posting obscene content on OnlyFans and was sentenced to three weeks in jail for accessing the website despite being ordered not to.

But even with the news of an OnlyFans creator being fined and jailed, other local creators are not stopping their content.

One of them, Gracie Hartie, is even finding a personal assistant for her OnlyFans career.

And the pay is bussin.

Singapore OnlyFans Creator Gracie Hartie Hiring PA & Will Pay Up to $5,800 a Month

Hartie is offering a pay of $5,200 – $5,800 and your main job scope is to basically manage and assist her OnlyFans platform.

And if you ever wished you could travel for your job, this is it.

Hartie requires her PA to be able to travel so be sure to check your passports before applying—if you are.

Other job descriptions include social media management, scheduling meetings and travel, and managing collaborations with international gravure creators, which typically refers to Japanese female models that appear in magazines that are marketed towards men.

Oh and if you’re skilled in photography and maybe even videography, you might also help her capture content for her platform.

She didn’t state if she was only accepting applications from a specific gender or age so I’d say she’s pretty open.

The minimum education requirement is O levels though so if you’re still in secondary school, that’s too bad.

Then again, what’s a secondary school kid even doing here?

Who is Gracie Hartie?

If you made it this far without knowing who Gracie Hartie is, I have nothing else to say but “are you that interested in OnlyFans?”.

Anyways, Hartie isn’t a new, budding creator. In fact, she has around 1,000 followers on her OnlyFans page, according to FansMetrics.

With a monthly subscription of $22, not including her “special bundle” subscriptions, Hartie could be earning up to $22,000 a month.

Now that explains why no one has stopped. If I earned that much I’d drop whatever I have and sign up.

How Illegal is OnlyFans?

So you heard Titus Low being fined for posting obscure content on the platform, but what about the other creators?

As far as we know, Titus was the first and maybe the only local creator that got involved with the authorities for posting his content in Singapore

Minister for Communications and Information, Josephine Teo, mentioned that although not all content on OnlyFans is considered obscene, “We must ensure that such content creation platforms do not expose Singaporeans to the risk of exploitation and abuse, especially our youth.”

It is not possible to block all of such content on the internet and that’s a fact because #ifthere’sawillthere’saway.

I guess Titus Low was just that one unlucky creator that got reported on too many times, but despite the incident, he seems to be living happily, and also got married after knowing his wife for only one month.

Under the Undesirable Publications Act 1967, offenses involving obscene publications can lead to a fine of not more than $10 000 or a jail term of no more than two years.

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Featured Image: Gracie Hartie