10 Facts About Single’s Inferno Season 2 That is Streaming on Netflix Now


Watching Single’s Inferno might warm the cockles of your heart this rainy December.

First released on Netflix on 18 December 2021, Single’s Inferno Season 1 was a major success, to say the least.

It became the first South Korean reality show to make it onto Netflix’s Top 10 TV Shows chart (and this is the global chart too).

And all the beloved contestants on the show? Well, they went on to gain millions of fans and fame for their participation in the heated dating show.

Being so wildly popular, it comes as no surprise that Single’s Inferno was renewed for a second season, which is streaming on Netflix already!

For fans who have been binging the series from its very first episode all the way back in 2021 and for newer fans who want to understand the hype, here are ten facts you need to know about Single’s Inferno Season 2.

The Trailer

The trailer for a fresh season of dating show drama dropped roughly a month ago and fans went wild.


Racking up nearly 600,000 views already, the trailer gives a peek into what this new season has in store for viewers.


More Episodes

Wished the show went on for longer? Wish granted.

The first season featured eight episodes. The second season will feature ten.

According to Producer Kim Jae-won, “In the two episodes that will be released every week, the protagonists of the story seem to shift, yet they are all interconnected. The total number of episodes has been increased to 10 from the original eight. We didn’t squeeze the last two episodes out — there were just so many stories and incidents that happened with the contestants, and even though we selected only the best parts, two more episodes have been added. That’s how entertaining the show will be.”

Release Dates

The good news is that the first two episodes of the new season are already out.

They were released on Netflix on 13 December at 5 pm (KST) and they are about an hour and 15 minutes long each.

The not-so-good news?

You’ll have to wait a week for the next episode. And the next. And the next.

With episodes airing weekly on Tuesdays, the season finale is expected to air on 10 January 2023.

How Does Single’s Inferno Work

The concept of Single’s Inferno is simple to understand: a group of contestants (singles) are “trapped” on an island (lovingly called “Hell”) and forced to fend for themselves.

In their time on “Hell”, a completely deserted island, they must find and cook their own food and even collect their own water to survive.

And apparently, when survival instincts kick in, people fall in love.

As the contestants mingle, some eventually hit it off with one another and decide to become a couple.


Plot twist?

Contestants are not allowed to know one another’s ages or professions.

But, if they do end up deciding to couple up, they are whisked away from “Hell” and transported to “Paradise”.

Here, they live luxuriously (like, way more luxuriously than they did on “Hell”).

“Paradise” boasts the finest food, comfiest accommodations and stunning facilities. In short, one of the best places (if not the best place) to fall in love with someone.

Unfortunately, those who do not find their special someone to escape to “Paradise” with remain in “Hell” and must continue to fend for themselves.


“Hell” Island

The second season will use the same filming locations as the first, so viewers can expect to return to the familiar islands and resorts they first saw in the first season.

After the first season, viewers were quick to badger others about where “Hell” island is.

Its stunning location and scenic views struck a strong desire in viewers to visit it.

Well, the cat’s out of the bag, “Hell” island is Saseungbong-do island.

Situated in Incheon’s Ongjin County in South Korea, it is a small uninhabited island that preserves the beautiful nature on it.


Its white sandy beach is also surrounded by a crystal clear sea.

As Producer Kim Na-hyun explained, they chose to film in this location because its “nature remains untouched”, preserving its beauty.

Yes, we are still talking about “Hell”.

And it wasn’t just Single’s Inferno that shot on the island. Other popular Korean variety shows, like Running Man and Infinite Challenge, have also been filmed there.

To visit the island, one would have to catch a ferry from the Incheon Coastal passenger terminal or Daebudo Island Bangameori quay before taking a boat to the island.

“Heaven” Island

More so than “Hell” island, viewers were enraptured by the luxurious “Paradise”, where contestants got to unwind and spend time together if they coupled up with another contestant.

And “Paradise” it is.

This grand hotel has been featured in a CNN article, which described it as the world’s most glamorous airport hotel.


Called the Paradise City hotel, this hotel is also situated in Incheon.

With its majestic decor and architecture, Paradise City is the first Korean-style resort complex in Northeast Asia that combines multi-purpose hospitality with entertainment facilities.

Speaking of facilities, Paradise City boasts a casino, convention, art gallery, spa, club, and carnival. Its high-class art gallery, in particular, gives its guests an unrivalled cultural experience.

Single’s Inferno is also not Paradise City’s first shot to fame, with many other Korean celebrities also staying there.

BLACKPINK’s Rosé posted about her stay at the hotel in September 2021, Big Bang’s Taeyang and his wife, Min Hyo-rin, had their wedding reception at the hotel in 2018, and several K-pop groups (like Mamamoo and LOONA) shot music videos in the hotel too.

Ready to book your stay already?

Know that time in “Paradise” comes with a hefty price tag.

A night at the Grand Deluxe Pool Villa can set you back KRW20,000,000 (~USD16,803.65).

The Cast

It’s time to meet the new batch of hopefuls.

This season, “[n]ot only will there be a new batch of sexy singles vying for love, but more contestants will be added to the lineup”, according to Netflix Tudum.

These contestants were likely recruited from social media as well as applications and recommendations.

Producer Kim Jae-won explained that, in looking for contestants, they also “reached out to PR teams in colleges and companies”.

The contestants?

Shin Seul Ki, Park Se Jeong, Choi Jong Woo, Lee So E, Jo Yoong Jae, Lee Nadine, Kim Han Bin, Shin Dong Woo, and Choi Seo Eun.

All boast their own impressive social media presence.

The Hosts

Familiar faces are returning from the first season and you would recognise them as the four hosts.

They follow the love stories of the contestants along with the audience, chiming in with their own humorous and thoughtful commentary from time to time.

They are none other than Lee Da-hee, Kyuhyun, Hong Jin-kyung, and Hanhae.



As with most reality shows, viewers questioned the reality of Single’s Inferno, expecting most of it to be scripted.

Surprisingly, it’s not!

Song Ji-a, one of the most popular contestants from the previous season, revealed in a YouTube video on her channel that, apparently, nothing was scripted on the show.

Answering a question from a viewer who asked if the show was scripted or if contestants were allowed to do and say whatever they wanted, Song replied, “Maybe everything seemed so much like a soap opera, maybe that’s why everybody was saying it’s scripted. […] Let me tell you again – it wasn’t!”

She also brought up the fact that it wouldn’t make sense for the show to have been scripted since none of the contestants were even actors.

More Drama This Season

Good news for drama lovers!

According to Producer Kim Jae-won, “compared to Season 1, the emotional narrative of each contestant is deeper and stronger” and “one person does not steal the spotlight from beginning to end.”

Kyuhyun said that this season, he felt like he was “watching a full-length drama series or a film”, even saying that he cried while filming.

He went on to say, “The contestants from Season 2 know what they are signing up for. Each are confident that they will win the love of someone, but some crumble away, while some become extremely happy. Each of their narratives panned out so perfectly that it’s going to give viewers something to look forward to.”

Similar to the first season, real couples are also predicted to be formed in this season.

As Producer Kim Na-hyun said, viewers “will witness the contestants falling in love for real”.

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