Snake That Was Found Under Car During Servicing Bit NParks Contractor


A snake in a boot? No, it’s a snake under a car.

A python bit the gloved hand of the NParks contractor rescuing it, but seems more attached to the glove than the actual hand.

Snake Under Mercedes Benz

A video was shared on the “District Singapore” Facebook group on 12 August, showing a red Mercedes Benz suspended in the air of a car auto shop.

But what’s peculiar is this: two men in NParks contractor uniforms are seen pulling a really long snake out from underneath the car.

Image: Facebook

The snake, which seems to be a reticulated python, finally fell to the ground with a “thud”, and effectively scaring the wits out of all the onlookers.

Snake Bites Hand

It tries to slither away, but one of the contractors used a tong-like tool to grab it, making it stop in its tracks.

The other contractor tries to grab the snake near its head, and that’s when disaster struck: the snake leapt upwards and bit the man’s gloved hand.

Image: Facebook

But the contractor is a true professional, as he remained super calm about the whole situation, like it’s just another Wednesday. His colleague helped to loosen the strap of his glove, and he was able to wiggle his hand out.

The snake actually seems more interested in the glove itself, as it continued to bite onto the glove. With the snake successfully distracted, the two contractors managed to smoothly stuff the python into a bag.

Image: Facebook

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Snakes are Shy

According to the NParks website, snakes are actually shy creatures and will usually try to slither away from humans.

They’re generally not aggressive until they are disturbed or provoked, or in this case, pulled out of a car.

If you do happen to see a snake, keep calm and stay away from it. If you see that a snake has chosen your neighbourhood as its new favourite spot, do call NParks’ 24-hour Animal Response Centre at 1800-476-1600.

You can view the full video of the snake that did not get away here:

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Featured Image: Facebook (District Singapore)