Another Watch Company Coming Out With Collaboration But This Time It’s a Tad Different

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Collaborations between brands are always mutually beneficial from a business standpoint.

A celebrity or influencer becoming the spokesperson of a brand can allow the brand to tap into an avid fanbase, while the celebrity gets more exposure through the advertisement.


We’ve all heard murmurs of the Omega x Swatch collaboration that revolved around composite bioceramic and planetary systems, and quite possibly, the complaints of its sub-par quality, despite the fact that the cooperation between the two watch brands was supposed to bring about a decent-looking timepiece that’s more affordable than the luxury brands. 

The watch brand Solvil et Titus has decided to come up with a collaboration too, except it’s a tad bit different.

Collaboration with Dragon Ball Z

Even if you’re not into the anime scene, surely you must be aware of Dragon Ball Z at least.

It’s the Mother of contemporary Shonen anime, the source of the popular “IT’S OVER 9000” meme, and it takes Chinese cultural references from the Journey to the West’s Monkey King, Sun Wu Kong, to form the protagonist, Son Goku.


Or you might have heard weird ramblings like “Kamehameha” and “Super Saiyan” slip out from different tongues, but nonetheless iconic attacks/forms from the anime itself.

Dragon Ball Z comes from an old place; its manga was first drawn and published in 1984 before it was adapted into an anime in 1989.

What Solvil et Titus is doing, by collaborating with Dragon Ball Z, is really to tap into the nostalgia factor; a whisper of our childhood styled and tied into a timepiece, like a preserving capsule.


Details about the Limited-Edition Watches


The Dragon Ball Z limited-edition collection of watches weaves the story elements and the memorable personality straits of the beloved main characters into each timepiece’s design.

 From each watch, you can expect an extra-thick faceted crystal surface with all-steel markers beneath. The hour dials from 1 to 7 are specially customised with stars from the seven-star dragon balls.

The golden caseback will have an engraving of the your chosen character’s face in unadulterated fighting form, with the logo for Dragon Ball Z below.

Each watch will come with an exclusive watch box, tote bag and laser card of the chosen character watch as a certificate of authenticity.

Only seven characters will be featured in the watch collection, and they are:

Goku, Son Gohan, Vegeta, Frieza, Buu, Cell, and Shenron.

Each watch is only limited to 500 pieces.

The official launch date is on 7 April, and they are exclusively available online.

If you’re interested, you can place your order with this link.

All in all, it’s a pretty sweet deal.

Into the Colours and Inner Workings

To speed things up a little in selecting which watch you might prefer, we collated the images of the watches, fronts, casebacks, plus the additional accessories so that you can compare them side-by-side.

Whether it’s because it’s your favourite character, or if you like the design more, you have free reign to pick and choose~

Depending on the character, the watches will naturally match their colour scheme.


For instance, the Goku-themed watch is primarily orange and blue after his trademark outfit, Son Gohan is purple, Vegeta is blue with silver accents, Buu’s version is almost a pastel pink with darker pink accents, so on and so forth.


If I had to give my two cents, Cell’s scaly backdrop looks freakin’ neat, and Shenron’s colour scheme is very elegant, just like the ancient dragon himself.

The end of the straps are also marked with the silhouettes of the character, and the crown is marked with their characters’ respective affiliations. For instance, Goku has the four dragon star motif, while Cell has the Red Ribbon army symbol.

Compliments to Solvil et Titus, because they really have even the smallest details, down the stitching colours, thought through. 

Next up, are the golden casebacks:


And of course, the accompanying accessories, which don’t really need any introductions because the characters are literally emblazoned on each piece.

Firstly, are the watch boxes that they will be stored in.


Then, there are matching tote bags and laser cards to sweeten the deal.


Last but not the least, the watches come with a limited-edition watch cloth that goes at a first come first serve basis, while stocks last.


If you’re a huge Dragon Ball Z fan, I suggest having your eyes peeled on the launch date, because you will be facing serious competition from the old fans that have loved the franchise for decades. 


Heck, I wouldn’t even be surprised if the order form crashes from a server overload.

Because if there’s anything I’ve learnt from huge anime fans, nothing can stop them from getting the merchandise they want, especially if it’s limited edition, functional, and practical.

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