Man Claimed He’s Banned from NLB Libraries for ‘Sporadic Masturbation’

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It’s not unusual to have your borrowing privileges taken away due to unreturned or lost borrowed books, or due to outstanding fines.

It might just crop up because of momentary forgetfulness and missing the due date or misplacing the borrowed books in the depths of your bag.

But this… unique individual by the name of Victor Tharman Venkateshwara, took it to a whole new level by getting himself banned from all branches of the National Library.

Reader: I didn’t even know that was possible.

Well, me too.

The Problem with Victor Tharman

At the beginning of the Tiktok video, the Singaporean boy begins by saying, “Fellas, I don’t read not because I can’t, but because I’ve been banned from every NLB branch in Singapore. If I enter another library, I will be sued.”

@greasykebabballs The librarians do not know the thug life #fyp #fypシ #sg #singapore #sgtiktok #xmm ♬ Let Go – Ark Patrol

All the while, his camera pans across an email from the National Library Board (NLB), which reads:

RE: Appeal for Entry into NLB

Dear Victor Tharman Venkateshwara,

Thank you for contacting us.

We are unable to accept your appeal request as we have found that there is an outstanding fee of $231.76 in your account. Due to your repeated borrowing of books from the adult section and sporadic masturbation in the women’s health section, we have also come to the decision that allowing you into any NLB branch would ruin the conducive environment we have. If you attempt to trespass any of our libraries, we will not hesitate to file a police report on you.

Thank you!

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And might I just say, it really doesn’t help matters that his Tiktok handle is @greasykebabballs.

His song choices are questionable too.

It just brings up unwanted images, okay?


Breaking Down the Gross Details

First of, how on earth did Victor manage to rack up such a huge fine of $231.76?

According to the NLB’s website, overdue fines for books are charged at $0.15 per item per day, while the rates for each audio-visual item is $0.50 per day.

Which means to say that even if Victor borrowed 32 physical books, which is the maximum number of books that can be checked out at once, he needs to be late in returning his books by at least 48 days.

Secondly, to jerk off in the women’s health section is seriously offensive and disgusting, to say nothing of how women going to the health section are usually seeking out self-help books, not getting additional trauma via exposed genitalia.

Like, of all places in the library, he picked the literal worst.

And he has the nerve to sound so proud of the fact that he had been banned from the library in the video.


If the e-mail is authentic, it can’t be said that the ban isn’t undeserved, because the last thing any one needs in the silence and sanctity of the library is muffled groans and unwanted stains.

The Authenticity of the E-mail

Although AsiaOne reached out to NLB to confirm the authenticity of the e-mail, NLB merely acknowledged that they knew of the Tiktok video’s existence and urged any users to come forward if they encountered any issues.

NLB neither confirmed nor denied the legitimacy of the e-mail.

Judging from how e-mails are unique and immutable, and any entity using the .sg domain must be registered and verified by the Singapore Network Information Centre first, the e-mail sender “[email protected]” seems quite real.

Therefore, it might actually be true that Victor is banned from entering any library branch, especially since there are SafeEntry gates at every entrance that’s linked to our NRICs now.


However, so long as Victor pays his outstanding fines online, he can still borrow 16 e-books from NLB through OneDrive or the official NLB app.

He can still read if he wishes to, or purchase physical copies of the books.

But the greatest question that plagues me is… Why did you do this?

And to Ms Syriah Hasni, who had to go through the painstaking effort to reply to his appeal request and write out the absurd reasons for his physical ban from the national library, you have my utmost sympathy.

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