Someone Just Said That People Who Drink Starbucks are Retarded & ‘Act Atas’ People

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NUSWhispers is a confessions page, with confessions made by anonymous people (for obvious reasons).

Most of the times, the confessions are either simple (and innocent) questions…

…or boring confessions that eventually failed Facebook algorithm and got buried away in people’s newsfeed.

Once in a while, there’ll be one viral post, like the saga of a gold digger who is conflicted between a rich guy and a poor guy.

And recently, there’s one more, albeit not as “hot” as the gold digger saga.

Here’s the confession.

If you can’t read it, here’s the confession in full:

People who purchase and drink starbucks coffee are either financially retarded or are ignorant, act atas people. Why would you pay $6 for coffee is just beyond me. Their cost to produce a cup of this fools’ coffee is below $1 and ignorant fools are paying like $5 for it? Is it for the branding? For that name that the barista writes on your cup? Or for the gram? Especially when you’re maybe earning only like 1k a month average during your university days, even if you’re loaded, it’s still just financially irresponsible. I know some of you atas wannabes will comment that it’s your choice and it’s your money, you can do whatever you want with it. I do not disagree, this however, is also my opinion and i’m just humbly sharing it. These wannabe people are, as i’ve observed, mostly girls who like to hang at starbucks branches for hours and posting instagram pictures of every drink that they purchase, complete with a quote or a phrase about how you are so deserving of this but really, this just sounds extremely narcissistic and ignorant. These are the same girls who have complaints about having no money at the end of the day because they need to get their ‘coffee fix’. A cup of starbucks coffee is worth an excess of a 2 vegetable, 2 meat cai png, or even a cheap meal at macdonalds. A full meal vs a drink you can’t usually finish (iced), just think about that for a moment. So, don’t ever date a person who frequents a ‘starbucks fix’, chances are, they’re probably extremely superficial, or are just plain retarded and ignorant. You will NOT enjoy dating these fools. Of course, to these fools, feel free to defend and justify your starbucks lifestyle, but for most of us (i hope), we’re just lucky enough to be a little smarter than you. Like if you agree.


And the tl;dr version: this person thinks that people who drink Starbucks are retarded and are just trying to humble-brag. He suggests you guys not to date a Starbucks drinker, and believes that he’s smarter than people who drink Starbucks.

Ouch. That’s a pointed attack at almost every millennial.

But if you think about it, there’s some truth in his statement lah: a cup of coffee really costs $1 in any kopitiam, and there are indeed people who go to Starbucks not for the coffee but for an Instagram post.


And also, you won’t fail to see those entrepreneurs who use the coffee chain as their office, making sure that they’re using a MacBook and Instagram-ing how busy their lives as an entrepreneur is (let’s call a spade a spade: humble-bragging).

What makes this win the Facebook algorithm and receive so many shares and comments is the lack of the word “some”: he’s essentially saying that all Starbucks fans are narcissists.

That’s not going to sit well with many of us.

You can still join the discussion here, but here’s my take: I’m very sure people who drink Starbucks aren’t any stupider than anyone. Have you checked out how many CEOs bought their Starbucks in CBD?

Although I’ve got to admit the kopi-o kosong in Bukit Batok Crescent is still the best.

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