Someone Received a Text to Transfer $20,000 or His Family Would Be Kidnapped

Our family is our most prized possession. We can’t imagine losing them but what will you do if someone kidnaps your family and the kidnapper asks a ransom of $20,000?

Hypothetically speaking, of course.

What will I do?

First of all, the jokes on them ‘coz I don’t have $20,000 lying around in my room.

Secondly, I would start freaking out…

Yeah, I can’t fathom the idea.

Ever since Goody Feed did a video with SPF on online scams, I am extra careful not to fall prey to it.

For one guy, this was not a hypothetical situation.

Going by the name of Wang, he shared his story to stomp.

On Nov 7 at about 7:51 P.M., he received a Whatsapp text where the sender threatened him.


If you can’t read:

I have all your details! If tonight you never banking 20k into this acc, I will kidnap your family!!

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Don’t believe? You can try challenge!!

Afte banking call and let me know!! Final Warning!

But this scammer is not the brightest crayon in the box because he provided Wang with his details.


Wang also mentioned that the threat was sent from a number with a dialling code of +91.

+91 is India’s country code, so it is safe to say that this moron is from India and the odds of him actually kidnapping his family is little to none.

What did the netizens say?

The comment section was filled with varied sentiments.

This guy gave a very elaborate solution.


Well, at least someone noticed the scammer’s poor use of the English language.


It helps that Wang shared his story with the netizens.


Then, we have this joker.



Judging from the texts, it seems like his family was unharmed and it was a hoax.

I am not sure how it played out but we all can learn from this incident.

When we receive a fake threat or even a real threat, our best bet is to report to the police first.

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