Soon, You Can Pay with Your EZ-Link Cards in Some Hawker Centres

It is 2018 and by now, you should know what smart nation is about, and I am not talking about the citizens being smart coz’ unfortunately, we are still living amongst imbeciles and morons.

For a case in point: our youths taking selfies at the edge of a building.

So it is actually a government initiative where technology is incorporated into our day-to-day activities.

From the app which allows you to ditch your parking coupons to robots cleaning the food courts, we are definitely on the right track.


Now, things have gotten even better.

Come this April, you would be able to pay for your food using your EZ-Link card at all NETS-enables hawker centres, according to a news release by NETS.

Diners will have to simply tap their EZ-Link card on the existing NETS terminals; this will really help the senior citizens and students who might not have bank accounts.

Remember those days where we would use our EZ-link card to pay for our food at McDonald’s?

Yeah, the concept is pretty much the same, just that you can now buy your chicken rice with just a tap of your card.

This should come as no surprise since they launched QR code payment last year.

EZ-Link CEO Nicholas Lee said: “The collaboration opens up many opportunities for EZ-Link and concession card holders to make cashless transactions across the island with a single interface, starting with hawker centres. ”

It is about time since China is better than us at cashless payments.

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If you have not come across a NETS-enabled hawker centre—there are more than 30 hawkers centres in Singapore with this snazzy payment feature btw—then you should check out places like NTU, Singapore Polytechnic or hawker stalls at Yishun Park, Zion Road and Tanjong Pagar.

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