A S’pore Restaurant Has Been Suspended for 2 Weeks Due to…Cockroach Infestation


You wanna know every restaurant customer’s worst nightmare?

A cockroach sliding out of your chocolate fondue.

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Geezus, the mere thought of it makes me want to barf rainbows.

Anyways, the good guys over at National Environment Agency (NEA) have volunteered (just kidding; they are being paid to do it) to audit the hygiene levels in food places, just so that we never face that nightmare dressed in a daydream.

If you flout it?

Game over, brah.

Such was the case for Peranakan Inn (located at Katong), which was suspended for two weeks after the restaurant “failed to keep its premises free of cockroach infestation”.

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What exactly happened?

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According to Channel News Asia, the NEA released a suspension notice on Wednesday (29 Nov), proclaiming that operations at Peranakan Inn at Katong will be suspended for two weeks due to cockroach infestation.

This wasn’t the only naughty thing they did either. Over the last 12 months, they clocked a total of 12 demerit points.

When will the suspension period be?

The outlet, which is located at 210, East Coast Road, will be shut down from Thursday (30 Nov) to 13 Dec.

It was also fined a total of S$800 for its offences.


NEA said that all food handlers working there “will be required to attend and pass the basic food hygiene course again before resuming work in the restaurant.”

“Depending on past record, a licensee who accumulates 12 or more demerit points during a 12-month period may have their license suspended or cancelled,” said NEA.

“NEA takes a serious view of these offences and would like to remind food operators to observe good food and personal hygiene practices at all times, and to engage only registered food handlers.”

Well NEA, I disagree with you on many counts but this is one that I agree with you. Wholeheartedly.

Customers aren’t really picky (or at least me). All we want are just three things.

No cockroaches. No salmonella. No extra hairy bits nobody asked for.

Just serve us what we ordered.


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