S’porean Loanshark Called ‘Sunny’ Threatened A Maid & Her Employers


So how was your Christmas?

I hope you ate to your heart’s content and received lots of presents from your loved ones.

While we were enjoying our post-Christmas holiday, a Filipino domestic worker in her 30s received threatening calls and text messages.

What happened

Going by the name of Gen, she was harassed by a loan shark named Sunny—how ironic—and out of fear, Gen gave in to the demands.

She, then, transferred $300 to a specified bank account and sent the loan shark a pic of her work permit.

Mind you, $300 is like ¾ of a domestic helper’s salary.

But the loan shark got even bolder and the threats extended to her employer, threatening to set fire to their home if the debt is not settled.

Image: Screengrab of the threat / Ms Angelina

The employer, Ms Angelina, said she had no clue about what was going on till her husband, Paul received a phone call last Monday evening.

“A man was swearing on the phone and saying you owe me money… It was almost unintelligible,” she said.

A police report was made on the same and the threat has since stopped.

Investigations are already underway.

Not the first case

This is not the first time—in 2016, unlicensed moneylender, K. Ramakrishna Kannusamy solely targeted Filipino maids, charging interest rates of 10% to 20%.

Since these domestic workers are not able to obtain loans through legal sources, they can be easily made use of.

He was jailed for 44 months and fined $450,000 for his nasty acts.

What do you do if you encounter a similar situation?

Do not engage with their texts or calls.

You can report unlicensed money lenders via this portal or the police hotline: 1800-255-0000.


Or you can reach out to National Crime Prevention Council’s “X Ah Long” hotline on 1800-924-5664.

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Featured image:  (weedezign / shutterstock.com) /  Screengrab of the threat / Ms Angelina