StarHub Responded to Viral Video of a Man Insulting Their Staff & It’s a Win

People who have to go from door-to-door really have it bad.

When they knock on doors, one of the four scenarios below normally takes place.

  1. Someone answers the door after 5 seconds (really, really rare).
  2. Someone answers the door after 3 knocks and 2 minutes of waiting (still alright).
  3. Noises can be heard in the unit, but nobody’s coming to the door no matter how hard you ram the door with your knuckles and holler with your mouth (worst).
  4. Deathly silence; nobody comes to the door (happens 99.9% of the time).

So yeah, I don’t envy them door reps at all.

But unbeknownst to me, there’s actually a fifth scenario. And this one is arguably even worse than the third one.

5. Someone answers the door before you even knock (wow, unprecedented), talks to you (double win?) and proceeds to hurl a vulgarity at you (the ****).

While it might seem unbelievable, it actually happened.

What exactly took place?

It’s unclear when and where the incident exactly occurred.

However, what we do know is that a video was circulating online, and it showed a resident directing a vulgarity at a sales representative from Starhub. The sales rep had approached the resident at his door at a HDB block.

While the originally-posted video has since been taken down, Stomp got a hold on it when several Stompers shared it on the journalist site.

StarHub responds to video of resident hurling vulgarity at sal…

StarHub responds to video of resident hurling vulgarity at sales rep who came to his door

Posted by Stomp on Monday, 4 December 2017

In the video, the sales rep can be heard informing the resident that he was here to “check on home Internet services” and introduced himself as being from the “residential team for StarHub”.

The conversation took a sharp turn, however, when the resident said “I do not appreciate that” followed by “so **** off”. In response, the sales rep said “bye bye” and walked away from the door.

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Online backlash

Before the video was removed, it garnered quite a bit of backlash.

Not unexpected, really.

The resident, however, replied in a way that’s best summed up as quirky.

Image: Mothership

That burn, though.

Surprisingly, someone guessed the resident’s address correctly, and he actually acknowledged it.

Image: Desmond Koh Facebook Page

Incidentally, if I’m calling someone quirky, that’s saying a lot.

Starhub has spoken out

On Starhub’s side, Ms Yvonne Lee, Head of Consumer & Channel Sales at StarHub has replied to media queries.

“We commend the staff of our authorised channel sales partner for remaining calm in spite of the verbal abuse he faced.

“While customer satisfaction is our priority, we also respect and value the well-being of our staff and that of our partner agents.

“We do not condone aggressive or abusive behaviour and where needed, we will seek police assistance to protect our staff from unjustified aggression and abuse.”

Image: Josh Van Berkel

Anyways, yeah, door reps sure have it bad.

But I gotta applaud the rep’s tolerance though; I’m not sure whether I would have done the same.

Heck, I would have probably socked the resident in the face. Hard.

Granted, I’ll be without a sock for the rest of the day, but whatever.

That’ll teach the asshole to say “**** off” to someone he just met.

Thoughts: is the whole thing a sham?

In other news (or rather the same one really), some Netizens are up in arms over the entire incident, but not for the reason you might be thinking of.

Image: Stomp
Image: Imgflip

That’ll explain why the resident opened the door before the sales rep even knocked on the door, why the camera was out and why the vulgarity was thrown out so unnecessarily.

Omg, Starhubnati confirmed.

Alright, just kidding; it’s still just a rumour.

Can’t doubt the fishiness of it all though.

Or is it the salmon popcorn next to me?

Meh, can’t tell. *Munch munch*

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