Why We Switch to Uber / Grab: Cabby allegedly Rejected Pax in Changi Airport For a Silly Reason


In case you have no idea, I travel a lot.

Like, running out of space on my passport type of a lot.

Sometimes, my flight arrives in Singapore at an ungodly hour (2 am or so).

And I have to work tomorrow.

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(At least there’s no nuclear fallout yet)

That being said, I would always take a cab home from the airport. In a way, cabs are essential to an airport since travellers and returning Singaporeans need to get around.

Personally, I like the chatty type of driver. Time really flies when you’re talking to someone, no? However, not all encounters with cab drivers are pleasant.

Stomper Angelina, who was waiting for a cab at Terminal 1 at around 1.30 am on Monday, 18 Dec, ran into a cabby who was “in the taxi queue and selecting customers”.

“As I approached the vehicle, he rested his entire body on the trunk and asked for my destination,” said Angelina.

“When I said I was going to Tampines, he immediately declined to take me and said he wanted to go downtown.”

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(Simi sai, can choose liddat one meh)

“I promptly approached the airport’s taxi coordinator and she chased the cabby out of the queue. However, he simply joined the next line.”

“Is this what our service has become? Are drivers allowed to choose customers at the airport? Should we just blacklist everyone staying in the east?”

“I’m very disappointed with this experience, especially after observing how nice drivers are overseas. I spent three days in Hong Kong and everyone there is nothing but polite and nice, regardless of the distance.”

“This is what our service has become. What a shame.”

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Well, I guess there are always that few bad eggs out there.

A quick look at the comments section revealed that this is why most people are switching to taking Grab and Uber now.

Though, it’s worth noting that there are some people who are taking a more neutral stance regarding the matter.

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Cabbies are humans trying to make a living too, ya know.

Well, I gotta admit that I’m mainly taking Grab and Uber nowadays. Convenience aside, it’s just a tap away from a 1-star rating for the driver. However, I would still flag a cab if I’m standing at the side of the road and there are available cabs nearby.

After all, it’s all about the convenience.

What do you think about the situation? Is the Stomper making a fuss over nothing, or is this a legit issue we need to address?

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