Thai ‘Influencer’ Shows off Atas Lifestyle But Netizens Spotted That He’s in a Welfare Program

Saying the phrase “social media influencers” is like saying “Voldemort”—media personnel (most of them) will cringe at them.


They normally would portray their lavish lifestyle and offer us promo codes for items we don’t really need.


Socal media influencer community like Faves Asia didn’t help the situation either.

Early this year, they released a video which received tons of backlash from netizens and parody videos from other social media influencers.

Even Xiaxue and Dee Kosh did a video on whether Singapore social media influencers bought their followers.

If you’re a social media influencer, you will most likely get an eye-roll, to say the least.


But for this one guy, he got more than an eye-roll.

According to Stomp, a Thai Instagram “model”, 26-year old Wachrin Tankuranan is in hot soup after a post.

PS: the word model is loosely used.


Notice anything odd in the picture (btw, the picture has been deleted on his profile)?

Notice the card amongst other frivolous things?

An iPhone can be considered frivolous when you have a welfare card placed below it.

The welfare card contains a monthly budget of THB 1,700 (S$69) and users can use it to pay for groceries, bills, and transportation.

I am pretty sure it does not include a free cup of coffee from True Coffee.

Apparently, the coffee in the said picture costs half of what Thai minimum wage workers earn in a day.

Just take a look at his pictures on Instagram:

This was taken in FitnessFirst btw.


Brunch at TWG? Say no more, let me take my welfare card.


He is all about that healthy lifestyle…is that a bottle of Moet!?!


His Instagram handle is Wachrin666 and I am pretty sure the “666” is not a coincedence.

He mentioned that he is legit poor and does not own any of the expensive gadgets he posts on social media.

“About Starbucks, sometimes my friend would invite me for a coffee. Sometimes I don’t have to pay for it because I go with my friends,” he said.

That is believable: who doesn’t have a friend who gets you a good cuppa from Starbucks for free?

If you don’t, then its time to reevaluate your friends.

He also mentioned that he review products for a living so his income not guaranteed.

“Some months, I don’t have any income at all and sometimes I only get to use the products for free,” he added.

But his Instagram following is only about 3k followers…. so I don’t get how he would able to get sponsorships.

Another thing worth mentioning, “I’m not handsome or rich,” he said.

Ummm, being poor and handsome are not mutually exclusive, FYI.


Anyways he is under investigations.

The director-general of the Comptroller General’s Department, Sutthirat Rattanachote is notified about this situation and is investigating on the model’s eligibility for the welfare program.

To qualify for the program, individuals cannot earn an annual salary of more than THB100,000 (S$4,114) and must have $4,114 in their bank accounts.

They also can’t own any property.

If he is found earning more than S$4,114, he can kiss his welfare card goodbye.

If he indeed doesn’t qualify for the program, he should be punished. I am sure there are more people that are deserving of the welfare program.

BRB, I NEED TO REST MY EYES. I rolled my eyes too much while writing this story.


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