There’s Going to be an Ah Boys to Men X The Walking Dead Local Movie in 2018

Image: Zombiepura Facebook page

I‘m fairly certain a good number of you are familiar with the “Ah Boys to Men” franchise. In case you’ve been out of touch (or simply didn’t care), there was a fourth movie just recently.

The movie is called “Ah Boys to Men: Adverts galore”.

…Eh well, I’m not fooling anyone but you get the idea.

Anyway, so what would happen if you mix one of the top movie franchise in Singapore together with zombies?


…Honestly, all I can think of is the cast of Ah Boys to Men fighting zombies with bad CGI effects. I really hope it doesn’t turn out this way. A person with adequate SFX makeup is way more convincing IMO.

Singapore film director Jacen Tan produced a script for the movie 8 years ago while he was on guard duty during National Service. Hey, I don’t blame him, you know. Us guys should know how sian guard duties can get.

The comedy film, “Zombiepura”, will commence filming in January 2018.

Alongside his co-producers and cast, Alaric and Benjamin Heng, Jacen Tan said at a press conference that the movie would be “Ah Boys To Men” + “The Walking Dead”. The movie is currently slated for release in September 2018.


Comedy, huh. For a moment I thought it’ll be one of those serious zombie films, George A. Romero style. Guess it’ll be more like “Zombieland” and “Shaun of the Dead”.

According to the Facebook page for “Zombiepura”, the movie will revolve around a zombie outbreak in an isolated army camp.

“A lazy reservist soldier and his tough commander must fight together to survive, and learn what it means to be real soldiers.”

Image: Zombiepura Facebook page
Image: Zombiepura Facebook page

Hmm, colour me intrigued. The concept art looks good and the poster feels promising too.

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Still, we have no idea how the zombies will look. (Pls avoid bad CG Effects. PLEASE.)That being said, they are looking for people to act as zombies in the film! If you have a knack for acting like a soulless corpse, do contact them!

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Featured image: Zombiepura Facebook