There’s a Pokemon GO Game That Lets You Kill Zombies Instead of Catch Pokemon

Go away, Pokemon GO. You’re so 2016.

There’s going to be a new Augmented Reality game in town, and this one doesn’t involve catching boring ol’ Rattatas and Magikarps for 90% of your journey.

Instead, you’ll be “catching” some wicked, nasty and pretty famished zombies. Alright, maybe killing, stabbing and blowing them up would be a better description.

Anyway, check the trailer out.

It’s sick.

Developed by Finnish game studio Next Games, the augmented reality smartphone game will hit the stores in the coming months. It’s based on AMC Networks’ hit TV show The Walking Dead.


Following Pokemon GO‘s basic mechanics, players will get to fight zombies that are superimposed onto the real world on smartphone screens.

However, instead of throwing ball capsules at cute little critters and forcibly kidnapping them against their will, The Walking Dead has you stabbing and shooting zombies.

Better fate for the latter, really.

The game will be available for test users on Apple’s App Store and Google Play in selected regions by January. It’s slated for a release later next year.

A brief synopsis of the show

I haven’t watched a single episode of The Walking Dead, but here’s what I have derived from pure hearsay.

Zombies, zombies everywhere.

A whiny kid who can’t do shit.

Some badass called Daryl.

People die every day.

The show’s getting worse every season.

So yeah, definitely an interesting set-up for a game.


Judging by the trailer alone, one can expect three things:

Zombie jumpscares…

Image: Next Games

Katanas, guns and grenades...

Image: Next Game

As well as real Walking Dead characters, like Ms Bandana Katana and Mr Jacket Revolver guy.

Image: Next Games

And of course, you get to fight beside an attractive member of the opposite sex.

Not a bad deal.

But is that really what the gameplay’s all about?

Apparently, no.

Not really anyway.

After some serious digging, we unearthed a relatively more detailed gameplay video.

While we can’t say that we are entirely impressed, I must say that the gameplay looks pretty legit. And you’re fighting alongside a hot chick.


Image: BGRIndia


Image: BGRIndia

Don’t emulate this guy, kids. Always watch your step, even when there are 30 zombies trying to have some brain & chips.

Image: BGRIndia

Oh hey gurl 😉

Anyways, this game looks pretty fun at first glance, and I’m kinda hyped about it.

The fact that you can summon the show’s characters into action would surely appeal to The Walking Dead fans too.

So sit tight, folks. 2018 is going to be a wild one!

As for the selected test users, well, lucky you.

Just tell us how it goes, alright?

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