i Hotel: The Gaming Hotel in Taiwan That is Heaven For Hardcore Gamers

Ever wondered what paradise would look like for gamers? Especially those who can go for hours without inching away from their consoles?

A gaming hotel. And in true fashion, a hotel in Taiwan’s running a real-life brick solid gaming hotels.

Here are all the deets you need to know about it, ASAP!

Why It’s Not An Unusual Idea in Asia

Image: The Sun

There’s a bunch of crazy-ass gaming inspired themes in this region. For starters, there are Pokemon marriage certs. Some couples can even rent gaming arcades to celebrate their big moment in it – I mean, imagine having a full-fledged wedding while being surrounded by the things you love!

Up till now, there were no fantasy/reality fusion for wedding holidays for gamers. Thankfully for all gamers, a hotel’s opened up in Taiwan that’s designed to feed your gaming craving while you’re on holiday.

About the Hotel

Image: booking.com

The hotel’s name is i Hotel located in Taoyuan. It comes with a gaming arena which provides its members access to tournament styled matches, between teams of course!

It’s a true marriage of comfort, but with a gamer’s twist to it. There’s even a set where you can pretend like you’re a participant on a TV’s game show leh.

Moving on to the rooms. All rooms come fitted in with gaming stations, so you won’t have to worry about not being able to play while you’re waiting for room service to arrive. We HAVE to mention that the beds have got 46-inch TVs fitted on its opposite end, too!

It doesn’t mean that you can’t take a break from the virtual world, after all. There is a place that’s away from all things games, and where you can get your quality time with some good old-fashioned face-to-face interaction.

It’s basically the restaurant, but we kid you not, this place is definitely futuristic and soothing to the eyes at the same time. Perhaps the one place you can head to for a cup of coffee and a solid real-life break.

i Hotel is easily accessible as it’s very close to the Taoyuan International Airport. If you’re heading over by the train instead, you’d need to hitch a ride from Taipei, and it’d take you 60 minutes to reach Taoyuan.

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Our only vices on the hotels are that it lacks windows (but then again, if you’re there to game, you don’t want the sun’s glare killing your vibes, right?) and that it’s slightly smaller than you’d expect. But what makes up for those two cons is certainly the main gaming room and the décor you get to check out!

I mean, gamers need no windows, right?

There are also hourly rates available, although we can’t be fully sure if you’d be able to have full access to all the perks and benefits. If you’re in for a gaming vacation that’s short and sweet, you might just want to book the rooms on this particular hotel, and surprise your gaming bae while you’re at it, too!

The last we checked, a night stay during the weekend is about SGD$112. Not exactly that expensive, considering that it looks like this:

Image: booking.com

Beats flowers and chocolates any day though, doesn’t it?

Location: 8F, No. 56, Jhongjheng Road, 33041 Taoyuan, Taiwan

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