There’s a Restaurant Here in S’pore Selling Indomie Foods from $7.9


Singaporeans love their instant noodles such as the insanely spicy Korean noodles and the classic Indomie which we all have loved since our childhood days.

Now for those fans of the latter, you will be excited to know that there is a restaurant in Singapore dishing out creative Indomie fare, the likes of Indomie nuggets and Indomie gado gado.

Rumah Rasah

Located in the compounds of Bay Hotel, this halal Indonesian restaurant will feature five Indomie dishes from 15 Jan.

While Indomie is dirt cheap on its own, the prices of the dishes are reasonably priced for a hotel restaurant; each dish doesn’t exceed $10.

Indomie dishes

There are two pasta dishes of sorts—beef stroganoff button mushrooms Indomie served in lemak chilli padi sauce and the crispy soft shell crab Indomie served with chilli crab sauce.

Image: Bay Hotels & Resorts Singapore

The former is a zesty dish, a feast for the eyes, stomach and soul whereas the latter pays homage to our national dish with a modern twist.

Image: Bay Hotels & Resorts Singapore

There are also classic Indonesian dishes such as the homemade begedil soto ayam Indomie, where a glorious fried potato ball takes the centre stage and the tossed gado gado cold Indomie is a refreshing spin to the humble dish.


For nuggets fanatics, you will be pleased to know that they serve up Indomie nuggets as well.

The noodles are drenched in a layer of breadcrumbs and then it is deep-fried to sheer perfection.

Now, that is good enough of a reason for me to head down and try it.


Where: Bay Hotels & Resorts, 50 Telok Blangah Road, S098828
Operating hours: 12:00 P.M. – 10:30 P.M.
Reservations: 6818 6681


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Featured image: Bay Hotels & Resorts Singapore