McD on Fire Again as People Complained That Their New Burger Didn’t Have Much Pulled Chicken


May I please have a show of hands?

Anyone here actually enjoyed the BBQ Pulled Chicken Burger? No, I’m serious. Some of my friends actually thoroughly enjoyed the Angus Beef Burger and Cheesy Loaded Fries. So at this point, I’m willing to accept most possibilities.

Though, that might not be the case for most of the netizens.

If you thought that the Cheesy Loaded Fries were sad, wait till you see the contents of the Pulled Chicken Burger.

Here’s the review we did for the burger (Oh boy, bad memories), and here’s the article version if you’re low on data or something:

Hey, and we are not alone in this.

Let’s take a look at the comments section of their Facebook post:

Image: McDonald’s Facebook page

…Well, you get the idea. A quick glance at the comments section and you’ll be bombarded with negative comments regarding the burger.

Seriously, how did they mess this up again? You would’ve thought that the Cheesy Loaded Fries saga would be a lesson learnt for them.

After trying the burger for ourselves(as seen from the video above), we can’t help but agree with the netizens.



This is just sad.

It’s another standard expectation vs reality situation.


I understand the need for them to make the advertisements appear more appealing(as always), but this is so close to being false advertising it’s no longer funny.

I mean, I should be the one to go on a diet after eating the burger. The burger did not have to go on a diet for me!

Anyway, there are even some netizens comparing the pulled chicken with tuna!

To me, the bun to meat ratio for this burger is simply messed up. It’s like I’m eating a salad burger with an extra serving of bread. Yeah, fancy a double-bun burger meal? This is sort of like that.


Let’s hope that McDonald’s will fix this burger like they did with the Cheesy Loaded Fries. I’m not expecting it to look like the advertised image, but please give us more chicken lah!

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