This Video Has Gone Viral & You Most Probably Will Watch It More Than Once

The formula for a viral video is usually the same: it has to be either relatable, hilarious or extremely useful.

But the formula for a video that makes one watch it more than once, or even a hundred times, isn’t formulated yet.

Until this video surfaces.

Now, ladies and gentlemen, before you watch this video, I challenge you to watch it only one.


Okay, here you go.

Posted by Malaysia Facebook Page 來紅 Laihong since last year October, it went viral for a while back then, and recently, it exploded again, garnering well over 7.8K Shares and…well over 4.8 million views.

Here’s the thing: this is a video by us, and at this moment, it has about 9.1K Shares.

And the views for our video with that kind of Shares? Only a mere 546K views.

All our reach are organic (not boosted), so that would mean something: it’s not an understatement when people claim that they watch it a hundred times.

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You did that too, didn’t you?

And this comment aptly sums it all up.

Not sure about you, but given how dark the Internet is nowadays, this kind of video is what we really need.

A viral and harmless video meant to make you laugh.

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Featured Image: Facebook (來紅 Laihong)