Man Called Out for Using Invisible Ink-Marked Cards During Gambling Session

While games night always sounds like a good idea to get together with our friends, sometimes things don’t always go the way we expect them to.

And it seems like things definitely did not go well for this group of players that had a game of cards together.

Recently, TikTok user @blurblur008 uploaded the following video to TikTok.

@blurblur008 #fyp ♬ original sound – BlurBlur008

The 4.5-minute clip begins with a man in a dark blue singlet shining what appears to be an ultraviolet (UV) flashlight over a set of poker cards spread out across a playing table.

The reason behind that?

The other punters found out that the host’s cards were marked with “invisible ink”, and assumed that it gave him an unfair advantage. It is unclear as to when they found out about the invisible ink on the cards.

After seeing the markings, the host, who is wearing the singlet, confessed that the cards were indeed marked with “invisible ink” that will only appear if UV light is shined on them.

However, the host appeared to be stunned as well.

And in case you’ve never come across such cards before, here’s how they work:

A simple search online will show that they can be purchased easily online.

Given the evident outburst of emotions, it appears that the players were not aware of this prior to beginning the game.

It is unclear as to whether or not the host was aware of the markings, although those are his cards la, so…

Confrontation then ensued, causing the host to try and explain that he was not trying to cheat. (I mean, he couldn’t say that he was, right?)

Host Tried to Prove that No One Was Cheating

“But there is nobody using any contact lens,” the host argued, possibly referring to the infrared contact lenses that may result in individuals being able to see the invisible ink marked on the cards.

He even pulled his lower eyelids downwards to prove that he was not wearing the contact lenses.

However, one of the other players said later in the video that he actually threw the contact lenses that he was wearing earlier away.

“All of us should get back our all buy-in because the game is unfair,” one player, who was not captured on camera, mentioned.

This resulted in the host retaliating as he tried to prove that he was innocent.

“You all can’t accuse me because these cards, they come like that,” said the host.

“But the thing is, you’re hosting, you should know the cards very well, right?” one of the gamblers off-camera responded in a mix of Mandarin and English.

“For me, it’s very simple,” another player told the host.

“If you’re not willing to return us back our money for our losses, I’m just going to report to the police.”

Host Questioned if Other Players Were Trying to Scam Him

To no one’s surprise, after hearing the other players speak one by one, the host was left speechless at the players’ reactions.

However, he then asked in Mandarin if the other players had deliberately tried to stage the incident in order to scam him of his money.

The video then ends without any indication as to how the issue was resolved.

Additionally, although the location where the video was taken was not explicitly revealed, other videos on the same account are all videos taken in Singapore.

All the voices that were captured in the video also spoke in a Singaporean accent.

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Netizens’ Reactions

With the video racking up over 146,200 views and over 590 comments on TikTok within three days, many netizens had their own opinions to share as well.

While some supported the punters’ actions and said that the owner was definitely guilty, others pointed out that the host could have genuinely not known that the cards had invisible markings on them.

Those who expressed support for the host mentioned that his dumbfounded and stunned expressions were indicators that he was indeed not cheating, and that “you can tell if someone is out to cheat”.

There were also commenters who said that whether or not the cards had invisible markings technically did not matter since it seemed like no one had the tools to cheat during the game anyway.

Apart from that, some users also speculated that the players might have known previously that the cards were marked with invisible ink, and only tried to insist that the host was at fault after realising that they were losing money.

Others said that the host should have just returned everyone their buy-in money and called it a day, and some suggested for players to simply bring their own cards to their games in the future.

But regardless of what happened, I think it’s pretty safe to say that this group of friends probably won’t be playing cards with each other for the foreseeable future.

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Featured Image: TikTok (@blurblur008)