TikToker Claims She Found ‘Help Me’ Message in Shein Clothes; Shein Has Since Responded


Any avid user of social media will be no stranger to the SHEIN ads that will pop up now and there.

But a TikTok user urges people not to cave in to the enticing prices of the clothing items produced by the fast-fashion brand.

In a video posted on 26 May, the user alleges SHEIN workers were asking for help through the printed clothing labels on SHEIN products.

Short Clip Features Messages on Labels

The short clip showed various images of clothing labels containing short messages asking for help.

One says “Help Me” while another writes “I have Dental Pain”.

However, there’s no further proof in the video that links the distressing labels directly to SHEIN clothes.

The user writes in the video caption alleging that the SHEIN workers need help.


“Boycotting SHEIN and fast fashion is the best option we have,” said the user in a pinned comment on the viral video.

SHEIN Response on Official TikTok Account

On 3 June, SHEIN issued a statement regarding the claims on their official TikTok account.

The brand aggressively animates in their response video that all claims made in the viral video of their workers asking for help are false.

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In the video, the brand linked all of the alleged help messages to items produced by other fast-fashion brands instead.


But netizens said they wished SHEIN would provide more transparency on their workers’ working conditions.

“How are your products so cheap?” questioned one user on their response video.

The video ends by writing that “SHEIN takes supply chain matters seriously.”

“Our strict Code of Conduct includes policies against child and forced labour, and we do not tolerate non-compliance,” said the brand.

SHEIN Allure and Clothing Production

Since 2014, SHEIN has been an up and rising brand that has since overtaken other well-known fast-fashion brands like ZARA, H&M, and Forever 21.

Their allure lies in their extremely affordable items and fast production cycle.

Many TikTok and YouTube users have captured themselves doing major SHEIN hauls, adding to the brands popularity.

However, the brand has been criticised for stealing designs from independent labels and its unsustainable production model of “ultra-fast fashion“.

But hold your horses on shaming others who buy from SHEIN as they are also one of the few clothing brands that cater to plus-sized individuals.

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Feature Image: TikTok (@nohreo15)


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