Top 10 Facts about Daiso You Probably Didn’t Know Of

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Everybody knows how Daiso is one of the best places to shop.

You can get the same products at a price much lower than a regular shop. There’s quite an impressive range of products that they sell as well. From food to household items and electronics….everything is $2. It is the ultimate go-to for all broke children scrambling to find gifts for their friends’ birthdays.

Ok but honestly, that we all know. My job here today is to blow your mind away with 10 facts about Daiso that you probably wouldn’t have known.

1) Daiso Taiwan

There is a whole range of skincare products that are all MIT (Made in Taiwan) and they are all sold at NTD 39 (SGD 1.80).

While prices are still kept at $2 in Singapore, Taiwan’s Daiso separates their products into 2 prices: NTD 39 & 49 (SGD 1.80 & 2.20).

2) Daiso Japan

Eveything is priced at multiples of 100: 100,200,300,400,500 yen.

Quick math.

3) Going separate ways

As of 2014, Daiso Korea is no longer part of Daiso Japan.


The latter calls the highly-controversial Liancourt Rocks their own.

Daiso Korea no longer sells products from Daiso Japan and is functioning as a different company.

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4) Daiso Korea

In the land of kimchi where online shopping is a big deal, Daiso Korea has an online shopping platform where you can simply purchase the same items found in stores online.

5) Made in China

While Daiso stores originate from Japan, you may be unobservant of the fact that 4 out of 10 items are made in China.

6) Massive Daiso Canada

The one and only Daiso in Canada is massive. It is 2-storey high and its store is about half the size of a football field.


7) Recall products

Daiso was asked by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission to take 165 items off the shelves in Australia in June 2017.

Toys were found to pose a choking hazard and there were some unknown ingredients listed on the beauty products.

8) Beauty products

Daiso sells a whole range of beauty products that can be found in Singapore as well.

The next time you’re thinking whether or not to purchase that $50 concealer, perhaps the $2 option might be more attractive.

9) Daiso counterparts

Daiso is not the only store selling all items at 100 yen. There are other stores like Seria and Cando that price their items uniformly too.

Image:Nippon News
Image:Nippon News
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10) International popularity

Daiso may be a Japanese brand selling Japanese products, but their popularity among the non-Japanese is no joke.

As of April this year, there are 3,500 stores worldwide. Even in Kuwait.


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