TOTO Top Prize for 30 June Has Snowballed to $8 Million After A Weird Coincidence


The temptation in lottery is always the money that you can stand to win for a small price.

Which is why whenever the lottery prize snowballs, wherein the unwon money is brought forward to the next draw, people become more eager to place their bets.

Every Singaporean must have seen the snaking queues winding around a Singapore Pools branch at least once in their life.

The Four Recurring Numbers

Interestingly enough, the numbers 24, 27, 32, and 38 have appeared two consecutive times for past two draws, first on 23 June, then on the 27 June.

Image: Singapore Pools

Even though four out of the six winning numbers were repeated, no one won the Group 1 Prize on 27 June.

Or maybe it’s precisely because four numbers repeated themselves, no one came close to winning 27 June’s TOTO lottery.

And since no one got the correct numbers, regardless of their order, the TOTO grand prize has snowballed once more.

The Group 1 Prize was worth $2.7 million on 23 June, and was brought forward to the next week, which brought the grand prize for the 27 June lottery to a whopping $5.5 million.

It’s estimated that for the TOTO lottery, the Group 1 Prize will be $8 million at least.

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May the odds be ever be your favour, punters.

Here’s the literal million-dollar question though: will you still bet on the four recurring numbers?


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Featured Image: Singapore Pools