Eric Tsang Responds to Viral Video of Him ‘Force-Kissing’ a M’sia Model


For a model that he did not know, veteran actor Eric Tsang certainly has no qualms kissing her during her birthday party.

On 30 September, Malaysian model Lebara uploaded a clip from her birthday party onto Instagram.

The 26-year-old wrote, “This year, I blew out the birthday candle with the Prize Master. Happy birthday to me, my wish for this year is world peace and no hatred.”

The address ‘Prize Master’ is a reference to Tsang’s nickname on the 90s variety show Super Trio Series.


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When asked about the birthday kiss by the Hong Kong media, Tsang explained that he was at a caviar-tasting event organised by Royal Caviar Club when he was invited to Lebara’s birthday party.

His friends later invited him over to the party to sing her a song.

That seems to be true at least, as Tsang was seen beside a few friends before he walked up to the birthday girl and said in Cantonese, “Lebara hopes to have a chance to blow out the candles with the Prize Master. Okay.”

As he spoke, he placed his hand over her shoulder.

After they blew out the candles, Tsang gave her a short kiss.

Tsang: Don’t Know Her

The 69-year-old veteran actor clarified with the media that he did not know the model at all. He maintains that what he did was normal.  

He said, “I gave her a birthday kiss as a form of courtesy after singing the birthday song. Kissing the face is normal and a form of courtesy.”

Certainly, it is a normal gesture in the Western culture, but in Hong Kong…?

Subtly, he also criticised Lebara’s decision to post the video online, saying, “I don’t know her, but everyone knows that in the entertainment industry, not everything can be posted online.”

He remarked that perhaps Lebara did not think that the post would attract so much attention.

Moreover, Tsang expressed that he did not understand why people were throwing such a huge fuss about a polite gesture.


In any case, the father of four feels that he has a “clear conscience” in this. 

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