Friend Helped Woman Buy 4D Ticket & When It Won, She Refused to Pass Her the Ticket

You know that friend who is always late? And that friend who cannot stop talking about their relationship drama? Or that friend who keeps gossiping about others and is, frankly, toxic?

Oh man, there may actually come a time when you’re relieved that these friends are the worse you have to deal with.

Now, imagine a friend who lends you a helping hand one moment, but stabs you in the back the next.

This woman in Singapore seems to have “struck the lottery” when making some questionable friends.

Her story was related by her colleague in a Facebook post in a private Facebook group, “新加坡工作 Jobs in Singapore SG”.

Woman’s 4D Ticket Wins $200,000 and Woman’s Friend Cuts Ties With Her

A woman who habitually tested her luck with 4D enlisted the help of her trusted friend to help her buy a 4D ticket.

After all, that’s what friends are for, right?

Wrong. Especially if your friend is as “dodgy” as the friend this woman had.

After the woman realised that her 4D ticket matched that week’s winning numbers (and clearly, so did her friend), and she won a whopping $200,000, said friend cut off all contact with the woman.

The amount is pretty sizeable, though it might not seem like much in comparison to the $7.2 million that someone just won this week.

And so much for sharing your spoils to accumulate good karma.

This tragedy happened after the woman kindly offered to carve out part of her winnings for her colleagues and take them out for dinner to share the happiness, not knowing that she’s not just going to lose a friend, but her prize money, too.

Woman Tries To Reclaim Prize Money

Desperate to claim her prize money, as she draws a monthly salary of approximately $2,000, the woman lodged a police report regarding this “stolen ticket”.

Unfortunately, even with evidence like screenshots of the conversation between the woman and her friend, the betting instructions, transactions from PayNow and photos of the winning ticket, the police claimed that their hands were tied because this was a private agreement between the woman and her friend.

Singapore Pools also did not offer the woman much relief as they base their payouts on who holds the winning ticket, not the ticket purchaser.

Since names are not officially a part of the winning ticket, it’s pretty much finder’s keepers.

The best part of this story?

The woman isn’t giving up, for she’s now seeking help from a debt collector instead.

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One thing’s for sure, this is not your typical drama scene where the protagonist kisses the lottery ticket just for it to find its freedom with the wind with the protagonist conveniently finding the wet ticket stuck to a rock in the forest.

I’m guarding all my lottery tickets zealously from now on.

Now, if you want a sure-win way to win 4D every three months, watch this to the end:

…oh, wait. This requires a trusted friend.

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