CDC Vouchers Can Now Be Used in Giant & Ang Mo Supermarket Outlets, Too

Last Updated on 2023-02-02 , 7:45 pm

You know that bright yellow or teal decals which proudly indicates that Community Development Council (CDC) vouchers are accepted?

Great news, you’re about to see more of the decals in the heartlands.

Now, you have more options to spend your CDC vouchers without worrying that some hawker uncle is going to mock you.

Minister of State for for Trade and Industry Low Yen Ling just announced that Giant Supermarket and Ang Mo Supermarket have been added to the list of supermarkets for households in Singapore to spend their CDC vouchers, starting today.

This adds to the five existing supermarkets which accept CDC vouchers, being NTUC FairPrice, Sheng Siong Prime, HAO Mart and U Stars.

There’s no mention of Cold Storage, though.

However, many of us might have already used up the CDC vouchers for supermarkets, since NTUC FairPrice had a promotion last month whereby for every $55 spent with the CDC vouchers, we’d get a $6 return voucher.

On the last day of the promotion, long queues were spotted in several NTUC FairPrice outlets.

Who Doesn’t Love Free Money?

The CDC Vouchers Scheme was first launched mid-2020 with the two-pronged goal of helping the lower-income households in Singapore defray some of their day-to-day costs and assisting the heartland merchants and hawkers tide through the COVID-19 pandemic.

And of course, sooth the pinch brought about by the 1% GST hike effective this year. 

For this year’s vouchers, for the first time, half of the amount ($150) can be used in supermarkets (which defeats the purpose of assisting the heartland merchants, but we’re loving it).

How To Claim Your CDC Vouchers

Before you chiong to the nearest outlet to spend your vouchers, make sure you check that you’ve claimed the vouchers.

Approximately 90% of all eligible Singaporean households have gotten their hands on the $300 dollars from the government, which means over 1.1 million households are ready to ball.

If you’re one of the slowpokes who hasn’t claimed your vouchers, faster claim your vouchers now.

You can do so by visiting, tapping on “CDC Vouchers 2023”, logging in with your Singpass details and you’re set to spend after redeeming the vouchers sent to you by SMS.

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