Verdict for Couple Who Abused Intellectually Disabled Lady is Out


News about how a couple tortured an intellectually disabled waitress to death were spreading like wild fire for the past few days.

I have to admit that I am one of those people writing about the incident. However, I do not enjoy writing about this at all.

Who would?

In fact, there’s so much rage within me right now my head is throbbing. However, people need to know about the existence of such heartless monsters.


And the sentences for the couple were out.

Tan Hui Zhen (33) has been sentenced to 16.5 years of jail.

Pua Hak Chuan (38) has been sentenced to 14 years’ of jail and 14 strokes of the cane.

The couple was convicted on monday for allegedly torturing and killing Miss Annie Ee Yu Ee (26).

According to an autopsy report, the victim had 12 fractured ribs, 7 fractured vertebrae, a ruptured stomach and a body full of blisters and bruises.


What. The. Hell.

I’m sorry, but can we do that to the couple as well? So that they would know how the victim felt?

As much as I would like to, let’s not stoop to their level.

Justice Hoo Sheau Peng remarked that the case was “appalling”.

He also said that “Both the accused have abused the victim in an inhumane and cruel demeanour. They fully abused the victim’s trust in them”.


Justice Hoo also said that, in spite of the “pitiful state” the victim was in, the couple “did not repent”.

Here’s a sample list of things the couple had used to abuse the victim.

  • Bedroom slippers
  • Plastic belt
  • Bamboo stick
  • Plastic dustbin

Last but not least, the 51.5cm by 24cm roll of cling wrap.

The victim was also subjected to psychological abuse, where the couple was “undermining the sense of self worth”. As a result, the victim had attempted to commit suicide

The victim was also forced to hand over her entire paycheck to the couple. She was then given a weekly allowance of $50 (which was later reduced to $30).

The victim was also forced to “compensate” Tan every time she angered Tan.


Such abuse supposedly went on for 8 months!?


I’ve no idea whether I’m writing an article about humans or demons anymore.

Tan, who was originally charged with murder, qualified for the defence of diminished responsibility because she was apparently suffering from moderate to severe depression and borderline personality disorder at the time of the offences.

Death would be an easy way out for this monster anyway.

The two of them can rot in prison for all I care. After serving their sentences, society can continue to condemn these monsters for eternity.


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