Very Fake Western Co. FB Page Emerges, People Think It’s Very Real


In case you haven’t been on Facebook for the last couple of days, or your Facebook newsfeed has been flooded with the US Presidential Election results, here’s what happened: The Western Co., a local restaurant that allegedly chased a customer out and defended itself in a passive-aggressive manner online, leading one thing to another and eventually, finally could no longer take the heat and deleted their Facebook page.

The saga was close to an end…until another Facebook Page emerged.

Started on 8 November 2016, it seems legit; perhaps a recovery effort by the social media agency that they had said they would be engaging.

But well.

And well.

Yet still, some people think that it’s the real Western Co

So here’s a PSA: it’s a troll page. You’re welcome.

Featured Image: Facebook (The Western Co.)

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